What’s a good size height for grow tent?

What’s a good height for a grow tent? I’ll be growing Autoflower

If you keep them small to mid sized a 5’ high tent can work. Personally I’d get one that’s higher than that, since you can always drop the lights lower in a 7’ tent, but you can’t raise the top in a 5’ tent if the plants get too tall.


I’d recommend a 4x4x80”. This is what I use and I grow big monsters and even 80” tall is still not good enough for my type of grows.


I have a 36x48x72 tent and grow autos.
I have two 34 " tall northern lights autos and only have about ten inches left to raise the lights.
If you can get an 80 thats they way I would go.

@weedify if you have the space and budget you should go with 7 ft or more. The one thing you should take into your thinking is the future possibility of wanting to be more ambitious. I know that I did.


I’d get the tallest your budget and room allow. I have yet to hear anyone complain about their tent being too tall. But @Southerngal (I think?) can tell you all about not having enough room.


Here is a 80” tall tent.

But I grow Photos as you have more control than Autos.


I vote get the tallest tent your space will accommodate. Taking into consideration the height of the pots Hanging fan the filter an lights plus riggin . And I like to have a low profile rack so my pots have air flow underneath. Just my thoughts. Good luck.

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This is adequate. Most lights lack penetration to the lower canopy levels anyways. So it’s better to grow medium sized plants.


Not going to be the case here. You can grow a plant at a near 90 degree angle. I have and two are right now without me interfering with them.

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Boy can I ever!! :roll_eyes:
Absolutely get the tallest you can! Height seems to be an issue for most indoor tent growers.


Get the tallest widest tent you can handle. I got 2 2×4s at first before i bought 2 4×4s and now I wish I had got an 10×10 because the 4×4s can only hold 1 or 2 large plants.