What plants produce seeds? How do you get them?

So have three GDP in bloom and 3 GDP in grow right now. I am looking to pick up more seeds and GDP and something low THC/high CBD… and I am wondering… what kind will produce seeds so I can replant from them??? My GDP are feminized and that’s they only thing I know about that stuff at this time.

Once I have the right plant… is there a special treatment to getting seeds?


I can’t help you but you are definitely in the right place. Someone with wayyyyy more knowledge should be with you soon. I do know that to get seeds you will need a male plant or a feminized that turns hermaphrodite. Male seeds have only come from seeds I’ve found in a “bag” of weed. Hence the term bag seed. Hope this helps and I’m sure someone will have an extensive explanation for you soon. Good luck growing!


Thanks. Yeah, this group is awesome.


You can use colloidal silver on a feminized plant which will produce male flowers and pollen. This can then be used to pollinate a female plant. I’ve greatly simplified the process as there is a lot more involved than that.

You can buy regular seeds, grow them out looking for traits you are interested in then pollinate with a male. Again; simplified greatly but this is what breeders are doing. There are a bunch of gyrations they go through to stabilize a particular trait and the better breeders have a higher consistency in their seeds.

All of that said a commercially produced cultivar from a seed bank like here is the least expense when all is said and done.

The other thing you should look at closely is ‘cloning’. This is a way to extend the genetics of a single plant out for a year by taking clones and growing them out. A lot of us do that (I’m doing it now).


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coloidal silver is a game with fire, forcing hermie traits, into the lineage…

Breeding with regular plants, being one male one female, where the male polinates the female, and she grows seeds. when properly done that really works well, but It Needs the proper environment and lots of time.

X2 for cloning… Easy, quick, cheap, effective. Maybe a little technical, and boring(always the exact same plant to the T)


It can but that doesn’t mean it’s not a valuable tool to breeders. Frankly any bag seed you find is likely a hermaphrodite.


Unfortunately so yes… I don’t know about it’s long-term value…
We are breeding hermies until the only pure strains left are patented by Monsanto :wink:
Stevia was illegal in europe until a couple of years ago, unfortunately the only ones still having seeds and plants ready to feed the hype generated around the legalisation were Monsanto. Even coke made a stevia line… It’s called the long haul that im concerned of…
You plan for a year you plant weed, plan for a decade plant trees, plan for generations make kids… :wink:


You can put a condom on the male and save the pollen also, and freeze it and when you need seeds, just take a small paint brush, thaw out enough pollen in measurements to pollen one bud site on a female that should give you about 50 seeds from the one bud instead of pollinating your whole plant.

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Never saw that condom :smirk: neat…

I didn’t want to type out lots of adjectives, describing the environment so “proper” it was… Which also includes size… You have lots of it :heart_eyes:

@writerjennifer here is my two cents…

If you are doing this to try to keep a perpetual grow, you might want to look into keeping a mother plant, then you can take trimmings off of it and grow those out.

The mother can even be kept as a small bonsai sized plant to save space! If this seems like a route you may want to take, I recommend looking at @Hellraiser’s journal about cloning.