Cloning to make seeds

I’d like to grow some seeds for future grows. My question is, could I clone 2 females and grow seeds from the clones? I’m thinking of this method to grow the seeds in one tent while doing a regular grow in a separate tent. Any thoughts?

you would need a male to pollinate females, unless you just happen to have vial of male pollen laying around.

You could stress the heck out of it and hope it goes Hermie, but I do not know what the seeds would be…


You can’t do anything with 2 females.

Unless you’re going to use colloidal silver or STS solution to turn one male. Then you’d have a raft of feminized seeds!


I was thinking of using colloidal silver to make pollen but I’m not sure if the timing would coincide for the two females. I’m thinking the female to be pollinated would be too far along to produce mature seeds. IDK

On further thought, the timing should be fine as pollination in the wild happens during a regular grow cycle naturally. Looks like another experiment!

Rodelization Method, you can harvest most of the plant at harvest time. Just leave at least one healthy bud and tons of fan leaves to support it, and then let it go until it seeds itself. You should still get a bunch of seeds off the bud if it is of a decent size

Google Rodelization cannabis and you can read all about it


I put a male and a clone female outdoor and pollinated the female at 4wks of flower. The clone is in its final wks with a clusters of seeds everywhere just go old school with breeding

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Be careful with that colloidal silver

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I saw a similar story about a woman with the same condition. Believe me, if I go this route, it will be just for the plants!

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I have done clones of white widow & Damnesia & AK47 using tiresa mist and it worked fine sprayed 2 weeks into flower twice a day on 1 branch this produces female pollen then next grow cycle placed pollen onto the next generation to give me the original strain worked great.