What now? At a loss

Well ,what to do now?
Ive got these 4 WW Autos (ALL in soil/ 2 in 1 gallon,2 in 3 gallon)reaching a certain point and I’m just not sure what would be the best method of maximizing the potential.
Should I be pulling the top down and branches out?
Should I top it?(I have read thats a bad Idea with autos.)
Should I bend the whole thing over?(As I have to the 1 gal.plants.)
Any photos would help me out.Here is what I have now. Just pinned down two this morning so if I need to release them from that please let me know asap.
The small one 2/11 is 21 days old the 3 larger are 28 days old.
Please your best advice.
I’m just not sure of myself yet but we’re learning everyday.

Check out Bill Ward on YouTube. He has many auto training vids. He’s very informative & easy to learn from.


No pictures to reference. :confused:

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do you have a picture you can post?

Most will spread the branches in some form of training to keep light to the middle to promote more branch development …Auto’s can be finicky so be careful if you do decide to top, I wouldn’t …

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@jorkvilleyoe Each of those methods or combination of is a winner. You should practice on each until you find ‘your’ style. Next grow you’ll be experienced from your attempts.


@jorkvilleyoe saw (and copied) this while researching better FIMNG definition.
Pictured is my training (tied branches down)

. still looking for FIM candidates.

Sorry bout that,I have horrible internet out here where jesus lost his shoes and apparently the post was submitted and my photos weren’t done dl’ing.

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you say you topped it but is it an auto?

I topped this auto. Shown here at about 5 weeks above ground. 2 gal fabric planter and in soil.
Here is top down view

This is good side shot.

I have been removing some large fans from upper as they shade lower growth and tying down a couple lowers to promote even canopy growth.


How old was it when you topped it?

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Probably about a week before this pic. It had 6 nodes I think. I topped the 5th.

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@jorkvilleyoe You seem to be doing well with tying down. Good luck


@jorkvilleyoe during my 12 hr DARK cycle I found some Bill Ward videos to watch on YouTube
How To Grow Medical Cannabis Part # 1:Planting And Watering Germinated Seeds + SuperCropping #FC4800 … Cant wait to try.

i apologize,cats learn to dance faster than i learn to post pics . check the reply to HMGRWN up above.ty

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I saw techniques I want to learn, so cut, cut. The colored pipe cleaners are not real good for pipe cleaning, but for this, they are PERFECT ( easy adjust fully).
And yes, late for the best results, but the next time, I got this.
Good job @HMGRWN

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Those pot sizes are going to hurt you in the end. I’d consider transplanting in 5 gallon pots. Might be a little late though. Are they flowering yet?

@jorkvilleyoe I saw your pictures and they might be a bit soon to start bending but it all depends on what you want to achieve…bend slowly