What next? Bigger Pots, More Space?

Hi All, please be nice as I am a newbie and not as sophisticated as most of you genius growers here but I need advice please.

These are Autoflower. I have my indoor tent set up now with fan etc. and want to move these to bigger pots and inside the tent.

Should I plant together in bigger pots? Do I still need rock for drainage? Will it cause an issue if I mix up strains together?

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Welcome to the forum @atravels
Lots of good folk here. We were all new to growing and learned a lot here. No worries.
Tell us about your grow set up. Inside or outside.
If inside then size of grow room or tent and kind of light.

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I recommend going with fabric pots and separate the plants. Being autos I would put them in their final home. Welcome to the community !


Looks like you have a fair amount of plants, what size tent?

They are stretching due to wanting more light.

Agree on fabric pots, also some kind of “risers” under them to allow air flow between any drain pans used and the fabric.

No rocks should be needed in the soil, but what soil you’re using is very important, if you’ve not already chosen, I’m using Fox Farms Happy Frog and my plant seems very happy with it at present. Enough nutrients in the soil to carry an auto most of the way through the grow while not being so hot that it burns them.


Thank you! It is a 4X4 Infinity Advance Grow Tent 4X4, with 1000 LED light, Air filter and duct fan. Inside. I have just been using natural light and LED’s I had but they need more light.


Thank You! The tent is 4X4. I can only have 4 plants though. I just bought the fabric pots based off the recommendation from the post. I was using Miracle Grow BUT Happy Frog is going in the permanent pots I am moving them to next. Do you use the Fertilizer as well? Thanks for sharing about the rocks!

Thanks, just ordered the fabric pots and plan on moving them to final destination! I appreciate your wisdom!

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Still learning here myself as well, but Happy Frog should have plenty of good stuff in it already to keep your gals happy for a while (possibly even fully through flower).

I’m currently still just adding RO water + CalMag. I have Jack’s 3-2-1 fertilizer on hand and plan to feed if the plant shows signs of needing it.

Others far more experienced can provide better insight (or correct me), but that plan has been working for me so far.


If growing your own product is something you feel like you will continue to do I recommend for lighting looking at HLG 260 V2 R-Spec XL two lights would be a good choice for your 4 x 4 space. Also when you repot backfill up on stem. Leave about a inch and a half from the foliage.
Happy growing !


Most of those are actually much less than stated wattage.
My first light said 600 but turned out to be 135 watts. I still use it for seedlings and its fine, but for the tent you will need better light. The HLG lights many recommend here are great. If thats out of the budget range just ask here and you will get good advice for alternatives.

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This is absolutely not the case. Happy frog is very mild. 3-4 weeks tops.

We can’t make any recommendations without specifics.

What is RO water?

Reverse osmosis. Look up RO Buddie… :+1:

Bigger pot bigger light , you need to get with transplanting ASAP . Welcome and good luck