1 Tent but plants of all different ages

I just upgraded from a 2x2 to 4x4 tent which is a tremendous difference in space. I have already sold the other tent because I am over the max on space available in my house. I have one plant that is not an auto and 4 months old that I want to send into bloom, but my other plants are still too young. One is a month and she is growing very fast and she is an auto and the other two are autos but only 2 weeks old. What should I do? One tent

Your autos won’t care about the lighting cycle. Put 'em all in one tent.


That lil one looks like its saying TOO MUCH LIGHT

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I figured that.

@MidwestGuy should I wait another week and then send them all to flower or how long would you say?

The light change shouldn’t make a difference to my knowledge, being they are autos. They don’t care about light schedules like photos do, they just flower when their genetic tell them to.

Completely up to you to decide and could be based on when you want a harvest and the yield you are looking for. Those 2 factors are your trade-offs to consider. It looks like you have plenty of room to let them grow yet.

Thank you. I will switch to 12/12 next week.

@Popsmith my bad my bad. I just went and reread. One of your plants is a photo, correct? In that case you can let her grow a little more or flip the two autos won’t care. Shuu glad I looked back. Again my fault

No problem. All are autos except the oldest one.