What lights for indoor grow?

I‘ve got 12 plants started outdoors but I got a late start and they won’t be finished flowering before it gets cold so i plan to bring them indoor. They’ll be in 20 gal pots. What kind of lights should I get and how many?

What size grow area are you working with and how much yield do you want? Budget?

@Tsupreme the person you need to talk to is @dbrn32 he is the lighting expert. He can answer all your questions.

When did you start them?

As long as they are mature enough to start flowering when they would normally the plants will finish on the same schedule. They just won’t be as big as they would with more veg time.

To flower 12 plants to their full potential in 20 gallon pots indoors you would need a large garage or small building. Is that what you’re looking to do?

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I started one in March but the 12 were only started a few days ago. I’m just tryna get what I need setup before they’re ready to be moved. I have a very large garage I intend to use.

The room is at least like 12x12 but I have other areas that are bigger if needed. I’d like a medium-high yield but I know indoor will have reduced yields. As for budget, it’s flexible but I’d like to save as much as I can without restricting my yield potential too much.

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P.s Idk how big they’ll get in 20 gal pots, I just happened to have a bunch of them but I can choose something smaller if you think that’d be wise for indoor. If i can make it work I will tho. The room I planned to use is like 12x12.

You can grow in whatever pot you want. But typical indoor grow doesn’t usually need more than 5 gallon, maybe little bigger if you’re planning long veg.

To do a full 12x12 canopy you would be looking at something like nine 600 watt hps lights or equivalent. if you had something like four 5x5 spaces with walkway between them maybe more like four 1000 watt hps lights or equivalent.

Designing room on plant count is nearly impossible to do without detailed growing plan. 12 plants could fit into a 4x4 if they were small. Or each plant could be trained to fill up a 4x4 space.

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