First time Indoor

First time indoor, looking for a grow room to compensate for my outdoor So Cal grows.
Budget approx. $400-$500 for just equipment.

Already have nutes, Soil, 5 Gallon grow bags, PH, Humidity/Temp gauge.

What all do I need besides the tent as far as energy efficient lights/fans etc for that budget? Also how many plants best fit inside with 5 gallon bags?

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A tent that size will require more light than your budget can afford. You could do 5 plants in it maybe but lighting will determine how many plants more than tent size in my opinion.


@DoobieNoobie Okay thank you, just trying to get a setup for the wife. I live in So Cal so can get a small yield during winter time outdoors, but my wife needs to smoke lot for her pain and medical, so trying to maximize all I can. What would the proper indoor set-up be then for that budget? Small tent is fine, just want to maximize yield

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Well if you want max yield lights are what make it happen. With experience of course as well. I’m not really good on a budget lol. I doubled mine before it was all over. But i’d say going with a good light in a smaller tent is your best bet. Plus smaller tent means it’s cheaper to move air through it. Is smell a concern? If not that helps. And how many plants are you wanting? You really need about 2’x2’ per plant.

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Thank you sir! As many as possible. Smell doesn’t matter, I grow outdoor (mainly Gorilla Glue strain) but still new. Planning on doing this in my garage, I have old studio pro light boxes, could I jimmy theseand get new bulbs to make it work?

Fovitec - 2x 24"x36" Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit w/ 3200 W Equivalent Total Output - [Includes Stands, Softboxes, Socket Heads, 14x 45W Bulbs]

I’m not a lighting guru. But I know one lol. It’s late though and new year’s so be patient. But from first looks i’d say it might. But can do and do well are two different things.

@dbrn32 what do you think?

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Thank you so much!

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You can probably grow weed with them, but they’re not exactly ideal. If you follow amazon link it gives lux measurements for each model. Most growers will try to flower between 60,000 and 100,000 lux.

@dbrn32 Which link? I removed the boxes so it is just the actual stand+fixture that raises. If I was to start with this until a bigger budget what bulbs would you recommend? Would you have 2 sets one to veg one to flower?

The bulb quantity itself would probably work to veg a plant or two. But flowering is where it’ll be a problem for sure. There’s people that grow with CFL bulbs but it won’t produce anything like what you’re used to from outdoors or lights built for growing. Even the cheap blurple lights could be better possibly.

The higher priced led version of your light lists at 12,000 lux.

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In my opinion you should figure out what you need to produce i.e. 1oz./ Week then put together what you need to grow that amount instead of throwing together something fast and falling short after your money has been spent.just my opinion though.

4x4x70 tent will hold 4 bushy plants in 5 gallon container.
found one on Amazon for $70. 6" fan, 12’ of 6" duct and a speed control for $40.

did not see you mention a PPM meter…important to measure PPM and EC. $10 online.

Start more than you plan to keep. Cull the weak ones. If you GG is a slender profile, 6 would fit a 4x4.

Keep in mind…flipping to 12/12 may increase height x 2. No fun watching plants grow into the lights.

The link you posted like 6 posts above.

The hood probably helps as reflection device. Personally I wouldn’t bother growing with them because I’ve tried and they’re not that good. You could probably get by vegging a small area like 3x3 with one using cold white bulbs. But you won’t be happy with results trying to flower with cfl’s.


Thank you sir, IF I had a bigger budget, what light would you suggest for a 5x5?

Thank you sir!I will grab a ppm combo pen, thanks again for your advice!

Thank you! She has to smoke a lot, my guess is 2-3 ounces a week.

Thanks again Doob, I will do some more research then, and see what I can do with the budget.

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Timber redwood fatty vs.


Thanks for all your advice so far, doing more and more research, thinking of this now for the budget.

Have the following:

Small Rotating fan
Fox Farms Happy Frog
Fox Farms Nutes
5 Gallon Grow Bags
Humidity Reader

Will this work for the rest of the setup?


Light Options:

For Veg

Add this on for Flowering


What sort of fan system would work for this? What else would I need? Not too concerned about smells I have outdoor growing as well. I’m thinking 2 plants in the tent?

You could spend the same money on lights and get one good light for that price. I can’t remember which quantum board would work but I’m sure for the price there’s options. As for air flow something like this on in and out (top and bottom) should work.
And for 2 plants you could do a 2x4 tent that way you can light it efficiently both power and cost.



Tent is a good size for 2 to 6 5 gallon containers. Depending on plants profile: bushy or slender.

BE AWARE----the posted wattage of Chinese LED’s is well known for being much less than actual. Post a separate topic on this. There are many with helpful advice in that area.

A PH n PPM meter set is CRITICAL to a healthy plant and good harvest. $20 online.
The TDS/PPM meter you posted will be good.

This is a lighting system for photography and videography. I suspect that the cost of converting this into a grow light would be more than just purchasing the lights that you want to put into this system.


Go check out Horticulture Lighting Group or Timber or Rapid LED and see the cost for their fixtures. Make sure to read what area they will FLOWER out too :v: