What is the best way to store seeds for next season?

Where I live, a medical card holder can grow a maximum of 5 plants.
If I order some of the sale offers I would have way too many plants/seeds.

What is the best way to store unused seed for the following season?
Or is it ultimately better to just order a 5 pack and forget about the sale deals?

Thanks for any info


Probably better ways. However I put mine in a sock in my sock drawer.

frigerator works good I got seeds 2 to 3 years old.


I ordered about 100 recently myself, so here is my storage technique. I got some air tight pill bottle type containers and some silica beads. I drop the seeds in then drop in a cotton ball. Then I fill the rest with silica and store in the fridge.


My problem is I get them I can’t help but plant them. I thought I had a little seed bank going but somehow they keep getting planted.

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