What is causing this? Help

GSC-feminized photo period-Nirvana seed(b4 I found ILGM)
25 days from sprout, 2 days from transplant
In 5gal fabric pots
Watered 500mL each at transplant to water in, another 100mL yesterday cuz they still looked thirsty
PH water to 6.7
In a 3x3x5 Mars hydro grow tent with a ts1000 light that has a 150w true output
Temp pretty stable at 70 degrees, rH maintained around 70%
Have had several spikes in rH, to the point of fogging out my tent a couple times
Run a 4in exhaust fan at low speed, about 20%, to maintain rH
Light hangs 24in above canopy, at full power
Using fox farms happy frog soil, mixing dynagro foliage feeder at 10% strength(1/4tsp per gal) and root stimulator(one drop per gal)
65/35 soil/perlite mix
Three fans to circulate air
Slight yellowing of the two seedling leaves closest to the soil
What have I gone and done???

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She looks fine to me. Maybe a little on the dry side but considering you have her in a plug it might be wise to be cautious with watering.

baby sucking up nutes from no longer needed leaves. good n healthy looking. no issues

Might be a tad short how close is your light? Moving it futher away will make it strech & closer (up to a certain point & it will burn) will make the nodes closer together, around an inch between nodes is what most people shoot for. unless your @Arrow & make them into art forms!


A lil bit of advice ( note…its just advice ) … Let the seedlings stay in the solo cups for longer, to have a better root structure ( I see they are photos ) The edges of the leaves have to stick over the rim of the cup by a fair margin, or better still, use a clear cup inside a coloured cup, to watch the root development. You have watered enough… over watering and under watering will show exactly the same symptoms… Ph your water to 6.2 …6.7 is too high and may cause a nute lock out in soil. Stop foilar feeding under full power lights, you will cause a burn, it will also force the plant to send out the roots to look for food…bigger roots, bigger fruits…just a couple of pointers …:sunglasses::v:


What @Arrow said !!

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This is the roots at transplant. I transplanted on Tuesday of this week. Leaf structure HAD reached to the edges of the cup, not a solo cup as can be seen by the shape of the root ball.


That :point_up_2: is very nice and healthy looking…:sunglasses::v: