What is best wet trimming or dry trimming

Hi people what would u guys says best wet trimming or dry trimming and why

I prefer wet. It’s easier, gets closer to the bud, and looks nicer when dried.


I concur with @Drinkslinger. Just way easier to get it all at the first. :+1::v:


“Best” depends on what works best for you in your setup. Wet trimming is definitely easier, but some say cutting the leaves wet introduces some flavors from the plant material, and letting the plant dry with the leaves on protects the buds as they dry. From what? I don’t know lol but dry trimming can also slow down the drying process if you are struggling with the environment being too warm or dry. Wet trimming will dry faster, all else being equal.


I prefer wet trimming myself. The leaves trimmed wet shrink significantly and almost disappear after the flower is dried.


My friends say I always got to be to analytically correct, it’s not always a preference it’s a strain specific necessity when my buds were as big as avocados yes I’m wet trimming them forcing air to them to avoid molding, sure they shrink all nice and the buds are very pretty but will never be top shelf smoke. Of course there’s always a wet trim where you get rid of all the water leaves leave the sugar leafs loaded with keif in place hang them upside down in a cool dark place semi humid but not damp 7 to 10 days or more, now the almost lost art of dry trimming manicuring those nugs to perfection and a proper 6-month cure in glass jars and your friends and family can tell you it’s the best weed they’ve ever smoked because they don’t cough and it’s as smooth as silk. It’s worth the wait & work!


I absolutely agree dry trim is what i prefer as well


A lot of it is a matter of personal preference, too. Some don’t mind a leaf here and there, others prefer them very well manicured. It’s much easier to get a ‘clean’ trim when wet, too.


I agree it is a personal preference I’m kind of in the middle. I take about 70% of the leafs off before I hang individual limbs. Leaving some for a slow 9 or 10 day drying. Then I do a final Trim. I do agree much easier to take it all at once.

I prefer dry trimming. If you have a hard time keeping humidity up to par then it’s best to leave the big fan leafs on to slow the process. With wet trimming you have to cut every single leaf but most fall right off during dry trimming. All personal preference at the end of the day.


Yup. Depends on the season when trimming. Winter (dryer) i prefer to dry trim. Other 3 seasons are fairly damp in my area so i wet trim to avoid mold.

Much easier to wet trim as stated multiple times

Mine in doors in tent in uk

You guys have wet winters no? If so a wet trim may suffice. If u have multiple plants, just experiment with diff techniques.

Food for thought, dense fat buds with little leaves does better dry trimming. Heavy leaf plants are a pain to dry trim. So they always get plucked heavily before hanging. Nothing worse then fighting 75 fan leaves out the way after theyve withered


I’m going slightly off the crowd here. I like the cure that happens with more leaves initially. So I get rid of the large leaves, slowly dry in 50% RH and less than 70F, then trim before smoke after that. Save the sugar leaves for tincture, but cure before smoke to reduce chlorophyll. Min 3 weeks dry and 2 mos cure in mason jars in the wine room. Quart jars fit perfectly in the magnum racks…

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Big facts. I got some leafy amnesia auto and the idea of dry trimming makes me wanna smoke a bowl and pickup my PS4 controller instead :sweat_smile:


Hahahahaha. Exactly. I usually get that urge when its trim time or feed time. Im a notoriously late feeder. My poor plants hate my guts


Do you hang the whole plant to dry or do you cut branches and dry in paper bags?

Really depends on how much time I have. I’ve done both.
I prefer cutting the fan leaves off, and hanging branches. This controls the speed at which it dries, and keeps it from drying too fast.
After it’s dry enough, I put into jars. @Budderball


Do you cut the stalk first then trim or trim plant while in the soil then cut?

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@Budderball I trim while the plant is still attached, after fan leaves are removed, I cut a branch at a time for more detailed trimming.