Wet vs dry trimming

Which is easier. Wet trimming or should I wait until after the bugs dry ?


I like to take off any leaves that have an inch or longer stems before drying then after i remove the rest. Its dry here so i leave them on to hold humidity


you will still do the same amount of work from start to end, just at different times…now how you grow and how you will dry should determine which route you take…in my setup in my bedroom where I have good control over temp and humidity I trim everything that does not have a significant amount of trichomes on it and dry…then when dry if there is any leaf material left that I don’t want to consume I gently remove it before the curing starts…


the wings break off a lot easier when dry.

If a small amount - wet trimming is bearable
Or, if larger amounts with the help of a mechanical trimmer like a bowl trimmer (I don’t have one, some use and like them)
My preference is to dry trim. For me it is easier, faster and does a better job


I’m a like it wet kinda guy. :joy:
Just what fits my environment where it’s so humid here.
I’ll do my rough trim about a week before harvest when I’ll pluck all the bigger leaf.
Then come harvest I’ll trim the buds , save and freeze the trim , and screen the nuggets. Indirect fan to circulate the air and usually 7 ish days later jar and start the cure.



What would you recommend if living in a really humid climate ?
Wet or dry trimm ? And why ?

I just finished trimming almost 2lbs from my first grow. Not a pro by any means, but I learned a few things. I trimmed all of it dry, but I was using a large cardoard box I made for drying so I could control the humidity and temps better. I attached an AC duct to the side to maintain 60 degrees during the dry period. Took 8 days to dry each batch. At that time I put them into paper bags to “sweat” for about 2 days before trimming and going into grove bags for curing.

Heres what I learned. I’m sure there’s more.

1- Get a cannabrush. It works really well. I found that trimming after the sweating was the way to go. I would take small batches about 4 OZ. At a time and trim just the fan leaves so I could toss without mixing into my good trims. Then I would go back thru with the cannabrush. Then back to scissors trim whatever was missed.

2- Have multiple pairs of scissors. Theyre gonna get sticky. I prefer the ones without the spring. It overworks your hands

3- I got one of these cleaners for the scissors and it works great. Fill with rubbing alcohol and you’re ready. Its a harvest more brand.

4- Wear gloves. I thought I’d be cool and go gloveless for a few ounces. No good. Like playing in molasses. And soap doesn’t seam to work so hot for cleaning it off your skin.

5- Get a trimbin. The design allows for more comfortable trimming. May not be important if you’re only doing a few ounces. Saved my back.


Agreed. :+1:

trim as much as you can…because any leaf material left will promote slower release of moisture thus a possibility for mold to grow…if you were in a dry climate you might leave more leaf material to sacrifice to the dry air so your buds dry slower…

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Beat me too it :rofl::rofl::rofl::skull:


Wet trimming right now.


Are you drying in the same tent where lights go on? I think this hurts them

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Why would I have the lights on? They are off. My head hurts now…


I’ve only done one harvest so far and I chose to do wet. I did that because I wanted maximum trichomes on my buds and read they can break easier once dried.
That said my next grow I am going to try dry trimming because my buds dried waaaaaay too fast hanging them without the plant matter.


Your process and how I do it is very similar. If I can reach them, I remove a lot of the large fan leaves during the week before harvest.
Freshly cut

I’ll pull the large fan leaves by hand and a little more clean up before being hung to dry. Depending on the size of the harvest I will use the tent or carboard boxes to dry in

Here you can see what it looks like when it goes into the tent to dry

When the outside of the smaller buds start to feel dry and small stems are losing their flex I break the large clusters into single stems. I do a quick once over to remove any large leaves or small fan leaves still in the bud.

Then load them into totes with a cover. . Sweat them @HeyJB says. It is kind of in between drying and curing. I’ll burb the totes occasionally to expel the gas. I think this step significantly improves the quality and terpene aroma.

After a couple more days in the tote they are ready for their final trim. I do this over a trim tray to catch all of the sugar leaves and trichomes that may break off. (I don’t have good photos of this step from this harvest).
At this point I may run a canna brush over them and any remaining scissor trimming.

Cut the bud off the stem and make them pretty

Weigh the finished buds

And bag them

And do it all over again.

And again


@Blastfact i asked because you have them hanging up in your tent where the lights and other plants are :sweat_smile: I feel your pain brother!


I go from seed to dry in one tent. Reset then do another…


@beardless beautiful work my brother :pray:t2::sunglasses:


thanks. That run of GDP turned out nicely for me.


Looks it brother! How is GDP? Taste and high wise? Always been intrigued by that one, when I buy some ILGM I think that’ll be my first strain

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