What is a good posting soil

What is a good poting soil that I could use that will make my girls grow good that I don’t have to feed them all the time.and don’t have to worry about burning the roots

I use fox farm potting soil with Kind soil ( has worn castings, bat guana, can be purchased at Amazon) and I use ilgm nutrients.

Which Fox Farm soil do you use they have 3 different kinds

The ocean forest soil greenish color bag

The kind soil only fill your planter 1/4 at bottom rest use fox farm you won’t need to start feeding so soon. Kind Soil has real good nutrition for plants. Good luck!

Ocean blend and happy frog (Fox farms)

Do I mix both

Fix farm puts out a soil called ocean blend potting soil. I use that plus Kind soil. I do not mix it I put the Kind Soil in my container first ( about 1/4 of container size) then I fill the container with Fox Farm potting soil. Your plant will love the nutrients from the Kind Soil and develop nice roots.

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