How should I mix my dirt

I have now gotten the fox farms (happy frog and ocean Forrest how should I mix them? Should I put one on bottom and one on top or mix them together. Also I have the fox farms trio’s should I begin adding them when I transplant my seedlings?

Put the Ocean Forest on the bottom layer and Happy Frog on the top layer.
You won’t need to add any nutrients for quite a while, likely 6 weeks into the grow or longer.


Thank you so much this is going to be my second grow and am using gorilla glue autoflower going to be my first grow with the fox farms potting soil.I’m gong to be growing outdoors so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Don’t use any of the nutrients for a while. Wait until they are mature and have branches and secondary branches. Then I’ll tell you what I did anyway… I would water with cal/Mag once, let dry, again water, let dry, and then feed nutrients. So basically only add the nutrients every 3rd watering. Also I recommend reading the label on the back and halving it.

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