What have i done BB autos

Ff ocean forest following ff nute schedule. Just got my sledgehammer in today a week late according to ff chart . Watered yesterday. Temps good light good distance from plants .


You look fine to me. ?? Just read your PPM’s in run off water to make sure your nutes are correct. Plants are pretty hardy for that issue. Happy Growing!


My BB auto does this too. I think she’s sensative to her waterings. Mine usually perks back up after i water her.

The right is a Bruce Banner. She was starting to do that leaf curl and droop. Mine was doing this until i watered her then the next day she was looking better. Root and or water issues maybe? :thinking: idk But all my bruce banner plants were doing the curl in the leaf. The 1 on the left is Gg4 auto and she got the same treatment but didn’t show anything like that. Might be the strain.

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