What happened to my seedling?

Popped my seed in the soil 2 days ago with the taproot down. Checked today and I have sprout coming up with the seed still attached, yet no leaves. Pic Below

And when I dug up my soil a bit I found these

They appeared to be disconnected from the seed, are these the cotydelons?

The seed case came off and the sprout looks like this now

That’s what they look like to me, but they aren’t from the sprout in the first picture. Those leaves are still in the seed husk from the looks of it.

Some would say you could help it out by VERY gently splitting the husk more to make it easier.

Some will say that if it’s a strong plant, it will break free on it’s own in it’s own time. Don’t rush natural selection.

I’m torn. I tend to side with natural selection, even though that mindset is often seen as barbaric anymore. But I’m an outdoor man just now considering indoor.

To not be a hypocrite, I did help a seed one time. I regretted it, only because I damaged it when I popped the husk. The lining that separates the leaves from the husk hadn’t dried enough yet and tore the leaf’s surface a little.

She survived, but ended up giving me problems with, what I have now learned is grey mold!

I’m not saying that early stress was responsible for her bud rot, it could well have been from the bud borrer. (The things I’ve learned here! ) but I would let the sprout go a little longer first.

Ultimately, she’s yours and you have to decide. I’m keeping a runt that survived a heavy attack by something that left my day old sprout with nothing but a hint of green at the top of a stem.

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Looks like my earlier reply hit just after yours. May be stunted. Still your choice.

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Yes those in the second picture are your cotydelons (embryonic leaves).

The very first picture of the seed will the seed husk onit, let it so it’s thing, it will come around eventually