Do you see any issues with my new sprout

Just wanted to check and get you opinions if there is any issue with my new seed. Let me know your thoughts. Guessing it’s fin as it’s only 3 days post sprout but just wanted to get ahead of it.


She looks good so far to me


Great thanks. Just wanted to make sure.


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When my plants do the hands in prayer, I separate the two leaves. CAREFULLY!!!


That’s what I was wondering……Willl it happen naturally or should I try to pull apart.

Really I was leaning natural but you can do it too if as mentioned above, you do it carefully and gently

Thanks. I’ll see how she develops over the next day or two then decide.


I am on my first grow and this same thing happened. It was the seed membrane not detaching from the cotyledons. I waited three days and it didn’t come off or break. I eventually had to get fine trimmers because the leaves weren’t sprouting, and cut very carefully between the cotyledons. It popped right open, but where the membrane stuck there was very little development and the first leaves are deformed. This is her now, 16 days old. Not 2" tall.

He is right. @BeezNeez I know that name lol. @Borderryan22 looking good. @BeezNeez sometimes it’s hard to get out of the shell. Lol

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