What effect does frost have?

Last night I was watching the local news and they issues a frost warning for my area. So I went ahead and harvested 4 of 6 plants and hung them in the barn. I left two in the garden, OG Kush strain, in full bloom with milky trichomes and very few amber ones. Pictured is me bud from the two plants still in the garden. They are 8’ tall and doing well. It turned out to not frost so they are fine but it made me wonder what would happen with a light frost to the thc levels of the buds. I am not wanting that to happen, just curious about how it affects the effects of the product.


Likely frost would lead to an over night death of plants and if it didnt lead to death it would certainly stunt there photosynthetic production there for meaning stunting all growth


I have found that frost really kicks in the oils. A hard freeze will kill the plants and cause the cell walls to burst. Frost usually happens just before dawn, so the sunrise warms the temps back up. If it freezes early the continued temps below 32 can kill the plants.

awesome plants, I would trim off big sun leaves so it dries faster, wash and dry,

and bring inside a ventilated room.

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You mean frost like this… had it get to 30 two nights in a row :sob: pretty sure the second go around took them out.

Yeah that looks like a hard freeze. (long period of below freezing) They should still be salvageable to a point. What do the trics look like under microscope?..

Yep, they look toasted. Sorry. We are not there yet…Th explain is to not let them get frosted, but I am wondering how that affects the potency of the bud if they get frosted.

You guy’s should invest in some frost blankets… :wink:

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I haven’t looked at the trichomes yet. The pistils haven’t started turning brown yet. Don’t know why she isn’t turning yet. I may try to cover her up with a tarp tonight to help. If it’s not dead. I’ll let you guys know tonight.

I do use blankets at times. The “problem” I have right now is the plants are 8 1/2 feet tall and not so easy to blanket :smile:. If I had a high tunnel setup, it would be simple, but I don’t…yet…

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Take a couple of frost blankets and sew them together to make one big blanket and just use a piece of pvc or a stick to help get it over the plant… :wink:

Alot easier than it sounds I know , but it would suck to have all your hard work go to waste at the end… :wink:

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I know! It looks like I have it all covered now and taken care of. No lost buds!

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