How does the Cold effect cannabis?

My first grow…Im in the the middle of flush… will be harvesting sometime next week. Will be getting first freeze tonight in North Texas. I have the ability to heat my grow room but im wondering how does the cold effect the plants… Ive been getting temps in the high 50’s with no heater on and the plants seem to be fine.

they require external heat source for metabolism, but are relatively cold hardy, ive heard they will tolerate a single night or two of cold temps. ive heard some growers use cold to bring out natural colors on the foliage.

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Been rolling at 56F at night for 3 weeks

Res temps 59F

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are you pull and tuck ur girl and spread out those branches into ur scrog?

Got down to 27 last night my plant was drooping a little this morning I’ll check it out later today to see if it recovers

I like when my outdoor plants are exposed to a light frost. AS @basementstealth said, a little nip of cold brings out some nice colors. In New England our plants go for weeks with temps below 50 at night, which is why having a good amount of Indica in your strain is always helpful. My indoor tent is definitely getting down into the upper 50’s at night, so I turned a fish tank heater on in a bucket of water. Have lid on so it doesn’t get too humid in there. Best wishes on your grow

If you’re that close to harvest you have nothing to worry about. Unless there’s a snow storm or extended temps under freezing you’ll be fine.

I’ve got 3 plants in an experiment right now. They’ve been flowering in temps that range from a high of 60 to a low of 40f, a lot of it around 40-50f. It all natural sunlight in New England. They look healthy and don’t seem to mind the cold.

  • as a side note, they’re flowering realllllllly slow. I’m not expecting much. I just wanted to see what cold temps would do.
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Good info to hear. I just moved my plants to the garage and I was wondering how well they would do as it got colder. They actually seem to do better with lower temps at night so far. Cali is still a high/low of 74°/34°, but my garage doesn’t get that cold yet. Hopefully my plants will continue to do well and reservoir Temp is much easier to manage. I’m becoming a fan of cooler weather.