What earth. help

hi, sorry, you can advise me if this land will be good

Anyone know who could help him by reading this? @jackowhee @Mikos @Aquaponic_Dumme


It’s all Dutch to me! Sorry, I’m no help.

Lol at least u recognize it’s Dutch. That’s as far as I got as well

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Well, I see it’s pH’d to 6.4, so that’s not too bad.

N: 250mg/l
P: 350mg/l
K: 1000mg/l
Mg: 160mg/l
Sulphur: 450mg/l

If we could just get the ingredients list translated.

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Luckily, I’m just that bored…

It’s in German, not Dutch. What’s visible reads as follows:

Culture substrate, manufactured?..
vegetable substances…
(land?)…scaping, vegetable…
economy, peat…
moderately decomposed).

28% organic substance in the…

pH-value: 6.4 (CaCl2)
Salinity: 1.8 g/l (KCl)
Volume: 20L according to DIN EN 12580
Date of production)

Packed by:…

Vegetable substances from gardening and landscaping (Green waste compost), Vegetable substances from forestry (bark humus, wood fiber), …?
…?peat moor peat (H3-H5, weak to moderate decomposed mineral nitrogen fertilizer

A better picture of the wrinkled part (where the ingredients are listed) would help. But from the “Von Post Scale of Humification” here http://www.d.umn.edu/~pfarrell/Soils/Soil%20Lab%20Files/Field%20Trip%20Guide/THE%20VON%20POST%20SCALE%20OF%20HUMIFICATION.pdf :

H3 Very slightly decomposed peat which, when squeezed, releases muddy brown
water, but from which no peat passes between the fingers. Plant remains still
identifiable, and no amorphous material present.

H4 Slightly decomposed peat which, when squeezed, releases very muddy dark
water. No peat is passed between the fingers but the plant remains are slightly
pasty and have lost some of their identifiable features.

H5 Moderately decomposed peat which, when squeezed, releases very “muddy”
water with a very small amount of amorphous granular peat escaping between
the fingers. The structure of the plant remains is quite indistinct although it is
still possible to recognize certain features. The residue is very pasty.

I bet cannabis plants would do okay in it, at least to veg. You might have to flush to prevent too much residual Nitrogen in flower causing problems. Depending on what you plan on feeding with, other than what’s in the soil, you might have to feel it out a bit to keep from over feeding. Hope this helps some.


Hello thank you. and I will feed it

Will this food be good for this soil?

I love that the brand name is “Good and Cheap”!

You’ll probably have to keep an eye on your pH b/c of the peat (and soil is already at 6.4). I don’t think the soil mix has dolomite lime or anything to help regulate pH.

As @elheffe702 said, b/c the soil seems rich in organic nitrogen from the forest products, you’ll probably have to be careful with adding nitrogen.

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ok. I have to add nitrogen? BUT HOW?

No, you probably won’t need to add much nitrogen.

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this is her 12th day of life. she added pictures

thank you all


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