What do you all think

First time grow ever… all the way thru atleast. I got 3 white widows … I vegged for like 9 or ten weeks and they are now on week 7 of 12-12 . They are beautiful and smell amazing one is kind of stunted not to sure why. I started with four one didn’t make it lol. I’ve never done this but they are big I had the space. I have 5 1000 wat leds going. Can anyone tell by looking… Will it be a pretty big harvest??? I’m sure hoping I put in a lot of work and time


One more thing I’ve been meaning to ask I have seeds fem. But I have autos and wanted to know for my next one who prefers what autos to photo and why and do they yield about the same I know with autos they just flower on their own do you still get a nice yield since u can’t make them bigger they just flower when they flower


Yup. Gonna be a big harvest. Gorgeous.

As for autos vs photos, I don’t want to give up control, so I grow photos. Plus you can clone them and grow them more than once.

Happy Growing!


You should definitely have a prety decent harvest for sure are the buds dense or airy thats also gonna determine final weight and as for photos vs autos I personally like photos more as they are more forgiving with error as autos if you mess up or have error its definitely going to stunt the auto so autos are typically more sensitive and picky as with photos ya mess up a feed or break a branch or what ever the case the plant has time to bounce back stronger than before I have only ran fem photos sense I started growing almost 2 years now I am just finishing my 1st ever auto now and am prety happy with my results so far autos definitely don’t get as big as photos do but they can still produce some beautiful flowers hope my rambling helps haha


Looks great wat strain is it


Very nice should have a good harvest. I grow both but I vote photo .


With 5 lights going I think your harvest will be alright :joy:
I can only imagine how that must smell


@LiesGrows the buds are very dense I just squeezes a bunch today they are all pretty hard. Even some of the branches are starting to lean back because some of them are kind of small and there is already to much weight lol. I’m pretty excited to see what I’ll get…I can’t even make any guesses since I haven’t done this. I was hoping like 8 ounce a plant lol I know im way over shooting but I vegged them and fimed them and tied them down like crazy…I just looked and I vegged then for 9 weeks tried making then as big as I could like I said because I had the space for it


@Aussie_autos all three are white widow

Very nice im growing a white widow auto myself and ahe is a beautiful plant its in week five of flower

Awesome do you got a picture that is about where I am. I think It been Bout 6 or 7 since flip but technically only like 5th weeks of actually flowr

@BobbyDigital hey bro you have been very helpful with questions I have had along the way… these pictures j posted could you take a close look. My plants…mostly the two bigger ones do have ALOT of fan leaves on them im getting down to few weeks before I harvest… cam I get rid of a bunch to help more with light penetration and to improve bud size… I knkw that is a thing people have done I have given them quite a few serious haircuts throughout veg and like 2 or so during the flower but like I said I have a ton left. Alot that don’t even get light… would it be beneficial and safe to take down like another 3rd of what I have left judging by my pictures I have posted… I am in week 7 of 12-12 and about week 5ish of flower . Let me know man I appreciate your help…if u need better pictures of the undersides and things to help give a better Answer please let me know

Quite the forest you got there! Everything below the net should be gone. No need for any of that stuff. But yes, you have plenty in the canopy that can go. I start with the yellowing ones. The plant is going to discard those shortly anyway.

Sounds good I’ll cut them up tomorrow thank you for your input. I was going to cut all of the smaller buds and stems that are smaller underneath the net…I did cut alot but not all because I found out you can chop the top harvest that…and let the bottom half fill out a bit more before harvesting so that was my plan …assuming it will be worth it… what do you think about doing that

@BobbyDigital another reason I think alot of them fan leaves also got left was cause I got worries about cutting to many it says it stops making leaves and things after so many weeks and I thought your plant neezes those leaves so I left but I was thinking compares to alot of other people pics I have seen mine had so much more lol

What do you plan on doing either trim? At this point you’re not really going to gain much by cutting large away. If you’re going to turn trim into something like budder or extract, I would just leave the larf on and include it with trim when you harvest. Or you can leave and chip the tops too. Whatever you think.

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@dbrn32 what do you mean. Im new si im not to sure what your tslinb about … I was Asking about fan leaves that I can cut away to get more light penetration and and a better yield and then what I was talking about was harvesting all the tops when they’re ready and letting the bottom half go for another week or 2 to get the buds to be bigger more mature isn’t that a thing?

And I’m not gonna do anything with the leaves or anything else thing else I don’t know how to do anything with any of that stuff I just wanted the buds everything else is going in the garbage

Copy, you don’t need to worry about it then.