What do you add to water to keep lines clear

Hi Everyone,
Looking for a little advice please. I have a 25 gallon resevoir for my auto pots and I am using Jacks 321. What do people add to the water to keep the lines clean? I know I read it somewhere but cant seem to find it.

I use drip clean:



Can you explain how you use it? I havnt had any real issues but there’s always a little gunk in the lines between grows

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I literally just mix it in with my nutes in the rez :woman_shrugging:t5:


Cool, I might give it a go. Your new profile pic is throwin me for a loop!

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I have a quick connect valve as the line gets to the valve

The line with the green twist tie goes to the reservoir. The bottom one goes to the valve. Every couple of weeks I insert the hose barb and just let the line run to flush through any sediment. In between grows I use water and vinegar to clean the res and flush the lines.


Hahaha why!

I was just used to the other 1 and didn’t recognize ya!

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General Hydroponics has FloraKleen too. Haven’t used it but I did buy some to clean my lines if there’s ever a problem,