What do I need for this 2nd time growing? OGK is next

This was my very first time growing which I didn’t do to bad. But there are things I will be doing differently with this next grow. But what’s all the stuff I need. I buy the fox farms soil and have the fox farms trio also calmag. I have a ppm and a jewlers loupe, a temp and humidity gage, and fans. I have pipe cleaners as I’m going to make sure I super crop early on this time, so my plant don’t go sporadic like this one did lol. I’m going to get ph up and down. What other things do I need to buy?? Pics of my first grow >>

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What kind of lights do you currently use ?
Do you have an exhaust fan to exchange air inside tent with fresh air.
I see you listed a ppm meter, do you have a quality pH meter? A cheap one drifts and needs to be recalibrated very often.
Mostly have what you need , if looking to upgrade , lighting is always your biggest investment that you Don’t want to skimp on if Don’t have to

Well no on exhaust fan but was looking at them last night, this last grow I just opened the tent a lil each day. Also what meter do u recommend? Also I have the 600w led lights but wanted to upgrade. I paid 49$ each. What lights are best. That is under $150? Kinda have to watch my budget but I’d prefer one long light instead of adjusting 2.

I like apera brand pH meters. And for 49$ I’d be a bit hesitant to believe it’s 600w.
150$ is stretching a bit thin for a light. Hlg makes quality lights . After a discount code could get a 135kit but that is only flowering about a 2’x2’ area.

There are some knock off qb lights out there for reasonable prices .and still get decent performance.
Lemme think of who would know and can tag em in here .

@Graysin you troll the forum a lot and first one that came to mind . Do you know some of these budget qb that many can get by with . If not @dbrn32 knows all in the light world.


This is the lights I bought, off amazon They are even cheaper now. And my tent is a 4x2 not very big. Like I said this will be my 2nd time growing. I only did one plant last time will be doing 2 this go around


Ya I think those lights are closer to 60 watts. Could probably do a plant under each if flower them early and Don’t let them stretch around too much.
If it were me tho id probably put the lights next to each other and do one plant under it. Getting more practice as you dial things in and get more grows under belt. Then save for a better light down the road a bit.
Of course there are many routes. Could put more budget lights in there. But I’m the type to buy once cry once. So I’d rather save for a nice light than buy budgets that will just get replaced anyways . A single light for a 4x2 being roughly 3-400$

Look to be on the right path and doing well tho!

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Agreed here. Those lights are going to be woefully insufficient. Not saying they won’t grow weed, but I am saying that expect the yield to be smaller than you might hope and expect the structure to be light and airy.

I definitely troll around looking for good light deals.

The best I’ve seen remains the Green Beams lights. They’re a mom & pop shop in somewhere USA, they essentially copied the blueprint for the HLG 288 boards and used a slightly older Samsung diode in order to create their boards. They’re pretty high quality considering the low price. I have their 240w board and it was $150 back when I bought it. I think after all the inflation BS we’ve seen in the last year, they’re still only around $170. They’ll do a 2x4 but it will be stretching the light to it’s max capacity to do so.

Green Beams, KingBrite, or Refurbished HLG.
In terms of best investment, the refurbished HLG will always be my recommendation. A refurb 350R would be top notch (plus code Refurb is always good for 20% the already discounted refurb lights). For something quick and easy, Green Beams (plus you can mount the driver outside the tent and save yourself a bit of heat). For customizable but affordable, KingBrite. Disadvantage of KingBrite is in longer wait times (comes from China, takes 7-14 days), and sometimes high shipping cost. You can often talk them down on shipping prices, though.

Anything else “budget friendly” I generally won’t go with - Mars Hydro, Spider Farmer, Unitfarm, BestVA, Philzon, Viparspectra - all names I associate with more garbage than help. Some MH and SF lights are good. They won’t be the cheap ones, though.

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I already have 2 ogk seeds germinating. So imma go with doing 2 this time and hopefully they don’t go all over the place but imma def look into diff lights. What wattage and do I get the diff colored ones? For the best production of the plants? I’ll look into all the diff brands and views always do before buying. The 2 lights I have did me pretty good. But I’d like to do better next time :smile: