What deficiency?

From a fellow grower:

Having trouble determining wat deficiency I have. Can u please help

It might not be any , wait and let a few more nodes grow out before you jump the gun . I learn to be patient and listen to what the plant says , it’s could like getting in a hot tub of water to fast …ahhhhhhh that’s hot , but after a minute or so it feels good . So learn to not immediately jump the gun soon as something don’t look right . Give a few days to correct itself and if not than simply use cal-mag , it will almost balance and fix any defiencies week in the first 4-6 weeks of vegging ?

That is a pH problem for sure.

I did a pH test and as far as I can tell I’m good in the 4 main areas. Will hold off for a couple of days

Something is wrong, the twisting and discoloration are pointing to pH for sure. You need to know what the pH is at in the soil, in the bottom of the container, in the active root zone.

What are you feeding it, we could use a whole lot more information.

I agree… pH issue.