What deficiency is this? Phosphorus? Potassium?

So i was wondering what deficiency this is. I’m growing Fat Bastard by blimburnseeds. Supposed to be a hybrid up to 38% thc so really wann get this corrected to get max thc. Growing hydro style. Currently in veg. Ph always good and at 5.86 almost constantly. Vpd is in normal range. Using advanced Nutes. Also using recharge with multiple beneficial bacteria along with other things. Starts low works it’s way high. Never ran into this deficiency before. Guessing phosphorus or potassium. Any helps much appreciated.


I dont grow hydroponics, but that looks like a nitrogen deficiency.


Have you ever had nitrogen deficiency with purple on the edges and leaves? I’ve only had nitrogen once due to laziness but it wasn’t purple just all yellow. I probably should of added in my original post there a lot of purple on edges and center of the oldest fan leaves.

Also hydroponics the same really except our deficiencies hit faster then soil and normally are quicker to correct since the roots are suspended in a nutrient rich solution. I’ve done one strain grow side by side soil coco and hydro and prefer hydro by far plants grow way faster bigger and thc is way better but soil is WAY better with terpenes.

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Could also be a calcuim deficiency. I zoomed in on your pics and can see the outer edges… i know you said youre at 5.8 ph which i know 5.9 is target with coco ( i grow in soil ).hopefully someone who hydros will stop hy soon.

On first look the purple stems unless she has strong purp genetics looks to be nitrogen deficiency to me, on second look I see what appears to be leaf tips curled up so not so sure.

Do you have a tds meter?

To me she looks like she has a Potassium and Magnesium deficiency but if you are short on nitrogen as well then your feeds must be short. The red stems could be several deficiencies, too strong of lights, insects etc.

A TDS meter will tell you exactly what your feeding. Good luck!

The stems was a light issue my lux meter broke. It’s only on the top of them. And I definitely thought potassium to. I think it’s because I got the three gals of nutrients and if u don’t shake them they are super light in nutes. Lesson learned

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Thanks and yea hydroponics sweet spot is 5.8.

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What’s the temp of the top of your plant canopy average? Are you checking the temp of the water, and changing the water every so often?

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Water is in the high 60s never over 75. I use recharge in the water because before I kept getting root rot but changed tent location. No I do not know the temp of the top. I use led so guessing not to high.

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Kinda had me stumped, it’s the burnt tips though, that say she may have OD’D a tad awhile back. My gut says flush it and refeed. The root rot is most likely the problem it’s inhibiting the roots from taking up the proper nutes. You may wanna try a product like Athena Cleanse or something similar. It cleans the roots. Hold your hand over the top of your canopy under the lights for 30 timed seconds and tell us if your hand felt uncomfortable.


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I see a couple different lockouts, potassium being the worst. Possibly from too much.
What ppm you feeding? And how much upswing in ph do you have?

I would clean the res really good and start over. Ph 5.6 600-650 ppm.

It honestly looks like a pH only issue to me. Please note that not having a proper pH level in hydro will cause nutrients to not uptake.

It’s something that I’ve encountered after changing bladders and assuming my old formula will still land. Always use your meter.

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If its happening with more mature leaves then it could be a nitrogen, potassium, and /or magnesium issue.

If you’re seeing purpling in your leaves this indicates a phosphorus issue.

Could be different things at once. Adjusting ur pH usually fixes it.

I don’t have root rot now I was saying before I did that why I had added recharge to it never have to worry

It got really light feeding because I didn’t shake up my gal sized nutes n yea my ppm are right a 600. I clean my buckets weekly every Nute change. I did add a little extra advanced nutrients big bud which is just potassium and phosphorus. My ph moves maybe .1 it’s pretty consistent. That’s why I like advanced nutrients sure there’s better but with hydro and not having to mess with ph is amazing

That’s exactly what I was thinking my ph is good

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