Beginner! Nutrient Issues in Early Veg

Strain; Grease Monkey, GSC
Light system; DE Full Spectrum
System type; Ebb and Flow, OxyPot
PH in reservoir; 6.1 - 5.8
Strength of nutrient mix; PPM never over 1000, Currently 950
Temps; 78 - 79
Humidity; 48 - 50
Ventilation system; Fans and A/C
AC; yes, 78° De-humidifier; No
Co2; No

Two weeks in vegetative and leaves are starting to look purple yellow spotty… I’ve been farming for only a few years but to me it seems like magnesium, zinc, or iron deficiency. I’m new to the forum and sincerely appreciate any and all help I can receive!

Once I figure out how I will post pictures as soon as I can!!!

Thank you to the first responders! I will reply when I’m not too busy worrying!! :disappointed_relieved:

Its hard to guess without picture , but anytime I hear the word purple my mind goes automatically to phosphorus issues…
Post a pic and the experts arrive soon…

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If you are using an iPhone (I believe android phones are similar) when you are typing your post at the bottom right hand corner there is an “upload” button which will bring up your photo library then you can choose a picture. (I’m not sure how it works on a computer I’ve only ever accessed it through my phone)

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It looks like a magnesium dificiency to me but I would let some others comment as well. Maybe some cal mag would help. I’m not a hydro guy (yet) so it would be good to get an opinion from a few of them just to be safe.

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@Ragnar @Jmesser80 Thank you very much dudes! I will post this thread in hydroponics as well! :upside_down_face:

Yeah I see you do it hydro, I have no clue about that stuff, post it in hydro, those guys are very good…

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Your having a magnesium deficiency for sure get her some cal mag and shell start making a big turn around

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@Majiktoker Thank you for helping me rest easier! They are already turning around! Hoping they stay happy!! :sweat_smile:

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Not a problem @lollipops13, my pleasure happy to hear your problems have turned around for the better

Happy growings