What deficiences do you see?

Been trying to actively correct it with garden sulfur.

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Calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus deficiency. Heat stress or low humidity or a combination of both. Ph could be off too. Support ticket would be helpful to give us a better understanding what may be going on.


High PH soil for one, hence the sulphur…

Strain- Hawaiian Snow; Type - Sativa
Super Soil in 10 Gallon fabric pots,
System type? LED?
PH of runoff or solution? 6.0 IN 7.4-7.6 OUT
What is strength of nutrient mix? 0ml/gal of water
Light system, size? SF4000
Temps; Day 77-86 Night 71
Humidity-Day 50-60 Night N/A
Ventilation system- Yes, Cloudline T6 Exhaust Cloudline T4 Intake
Humidifier- yes
Co2 - No

You’ll need to drop that ph to at least 6.2. Also recommended to calibrate you ph meter as well before attempting, this will verify everything is in line.

I’m not familiar with sulfur, not saying it doesn’t work, but if you’re adjusting it, and getting the same results, it’s not working.
Phosphoric acid is safe to use to lower ph as well.


Just used it 2 days ago. Itll take a little time.

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