Nutrient burn? Disease?

Hey guys, Im having some issues with my girls stalling out and some weird discoloration/spotting. Im thinking its some nutrient burn or maybe heat/humidity related issue? I grow in my basement in a 5x5 tent. I open the tent everyday while the lights are on to combat the heat that my sf4000 puts off. It normally sits around 76-79 during the day and 71 when the lights are off. My RH rides around 65-70% though. Any thoughts? Recommendations?

P.S. I know I went a little crazy on the defoliating… Ive had good luck in the past with it but I might have gone too far with this one…:grimacing::grimacing:


Looks like a moderate calcium and a potassium deficiency Growmie. What nutrients are you feeding and the input PH/PPMs and the run off of these 2. Most plant related issues are PH related :love_you_gesture:


Look hot. Ph in correct and some calmag wont hurt. No nutes at all till she starts to lighten up and shows hungry. Actually a decent stressor. Tends to force more trichs I have observed.

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I will be watering them tonight so Ill check the runoff after that and get back to y’all. As far as nutrients go Im using the foxfarms dirty dozen plus 5ml of Cal-Mag per gallon and 20ml of Terpinator per gallon. I was following some advice from a friend and making my PH 6.2 for the nutrient solution. I gave them each 1 gallon of RO water PHed to 6.8 the night I made this post and I can see some new growth on the buds but Im still not convinced its not a lockout situation.

Do a soil slurry and post your results.

My lights just went off so I’ll have to do the slurry on another day.

Runoff looks scary af Im not gonna lie…

Plant 1: 1197 ppm - 5.1 ph
Plant 2: 1297 ppm - 5.4 ph
Plant 3: 915 ppm - 5.6 ph (This is the girl with the worst problems in the pics from the original post.)

I mixed up 3 gallons of water with 3 tsp of Cal-Mag and 6 tps of Terpinator PHed to 6.5 and distributed it evenly across the 3 plants then measured the runoff.