What caused this?

Kinda stumped what caused this. Only thing I can think of is from getting too close to the light. Think it just happened over the last 24 hours.

Best I can do for ya.

If you think its your light, you should download the app photone. Look up what the ideal ppfd and dli is for your plant at the stage its in and use your phone as a meter. The app will kinda guide you on how far/close the light should be.

I tell everyone about this app. Its been great for me!

I don’t really think it’s the light but it’s the only thing it could be. It’s not over the entire plant, just a section of it. If it was the light, I’d expect more of the plant to have yellowing like that. Never seen that kind of discoloration before and it’s got me fooled.

Are you feeding?

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Im still new but probably lacking something if it isnt the light.

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It is an iron deficiency.

What soil are you using and are you feeding a micronutrient product?


Fox farm ocean forest. I haven’t given anything for micros, I just use jacks 321. I have a bottle of fox farm cultivation nation micro and I will give her some right away. Thank you

Jacks Part A contains iron and OF is a good soil, so it’s a bit perplexing. Have you been feeding Part A?

I forgot to mention I have jacks boost which you’re supposed to give for the first two weeks of flowering. Yesterday would’ve marked the end of two weeks and my next feeding would’ve been with 321.

Boost has .10% iron. The part a says it has .30%. Guess two weeks of getting a third of the iron wasn’t enough and I should add micros in when I do the transition next time.

What is your ppfd? Is this only onspots closest to light? Highly doubt its a variegation so im banking on too much light. But its all a guess until ppfd is known. Did u change intensity to much too fast?

I don’t know the PPFD but is around 800 umol per meter squared per second. There spots that aren’t close to the light either and another plant that’s taller than this one. Light intensity is the same, only change was going from 18/6 to 12/12 two weeks ago.

If your sure its only around 800 then that is strange. All plants are different tho, the taller could be less light sensitive.

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I checked it again now where the leaves that show it and it says 1050.
Midwestguy said iron deficiency which charts I’ve seen do look similar. I’m not very good at diagnosing deficiencies.

I tried out the photone app but just wondering what you did. When it asks what kind of light you’re measuring, led full spectrums are behind a 6 or 7 dollar paywall. Did you pay for the upgraded version? Then it says I need a diffuser which seems like there are two ways, buying one or making one out of paper.

I bought a “cheap” meter already. It’s cheap in terms of many others are hundreds of dollars but it was still about 90 bucks

Oh wow! I didnt pay for anything. I am on Android. Maybe try the ppfd meter app. Its just called ppfd meter. So sorry this didnt work for you! :heart:

Imo 1050 ppfd is too high. Alot of people run higher…ive had better results in the 850 to 900 range. Id start there.

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What is your meter reading?

With iphone you need diffuser and the full spectrum cost money. Droid is better for the app. Maybe your old lady’ has a droid? If not, ya its extra and needs 22# paper

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