What can the trimmings be used for?

After drying what are the leaves that are trimmed from the buds for. I have heard the leaves don’t smoke well but it seems like a waste. Cooking? I am new at this.

Thanks in advance.

My friends make butter and oils from them.

Butter, sweet delicious butter. :+1::+1::+1:

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there is so much you can do with it. time for you to google some things. bubble hash, bho, decarbing, rosin press and you will find tons of info on what you are looking for.

I say coconut oil and don’t give me it’s bad for you so is butter smoking and red meat lol I can pass on The recipe but you need a sous vide cooker


Are we talking the sticky sugar leaves or the fan leaves? The sugar leaves can make butter or oil and it’s very strong if the strain is powerful @Beachbound. Sometimes I forget how strong it can be and end up zombied out for several hours when I use too much of either butter or oil.

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If I may piggy back @Beachbound. I made butter for my wife to make edibles. Followed a recipe for cannabutter but she complained about the weed taste. I decarbed wet trim before making it. Question is, if I dry the trim for a couple days and then decarb it, will that knock down some of the “weed” flavor? I’d like the butter to just taste like butter if that’s possible.

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You can put vanilla in it to mask some of the flavor. It does taste like cannabis for sure. I dry and cure mine the same way as the bud. Maybe that’s why it’s so strong sometimes. I might not use a jar for a month. I eat it with something pleasant like a sweet roll in the morning or muffin and it’s not bad. You get used to it. For people who will only tolerate a small amount of weed taste, I bake a stick of butter into 6 muffins or something like that.


Look up “bubble hash”. as well. You can just use ice and water to get the goodies off the leaves - and then you can either smoke it, make dabs, make butter or oil, whatever.

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@Hogmaster please can you send me as I have a Sous vide cooker?

Do you make it with water as well? I know that when you cook the butter, water, and bud together, the water pulls out a lot of the weed taste and leftover chlorophyll. Then you stick in in thefridge, the butter will solidify, and the water will stay liquid at the bottom of the bowl, just scoop out the butter and throw the water away.

First you must decarboxylate your raw material. Use the whole plant minus the roots. This will give you the highest medicinal effect.

Heat oven to 200-212 degrees. Put desired plant material in a mason jar and seal the top. Put jar in oven for 45 minutes.
After decarboxylation remove from oven and let it cool over night. This will allow the terpenes to absorb into the plant material.

Fill this jar with Organic Coconut Oil. Fill to the top of the jar covering all the plant material.
Cook in a water bath at 118 degrees for 5 days. Stir occasionally.
Remove from water bath and filter Coconut Oil. Squeeze the material to remove all the oil.
Re-fill the jar with new oil and heat for an additional 3 days. Remove from water bath and filter.

Now add Sunflower liquid Lecithin. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons to one cup of coconut oil.

This can be used as an oral or topical solution. Enjoy.


Personally I don’t mind the taste. I made brownies with the last batch and I thought they were ok. I was wondering if dry or wet trim makes a difference. Since you’re decarbing anyways does it matter either way?

That’s a good question. I wonder does it takes longer to do the decarb since it still has a lot more moisture on the fresh frozen versus dried?

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I’m not sure, but decarbing wet would have more moisture so I would think that dry would be better. Everyone does it differently, but I decarb at 240° for 1 hour myself. It doesn’t hurt the strength of the weed.

I do exactly the same thing: 240° for one hour.

Yes, drying it before cooking with it will significantly decrease the grassy/hay flavor.


I freeze mine immediately after harvest, then when I want to make butter I decarb at 240 for an hour. It’s then dry enough to crumble, and pull out the stems. Then butter and water in a double boiler for at least 24 hours.
@raustin 1 stick of butter for 6 muffins? Ouch! I use a stick for 20 treats.

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Depends on how much we’d is in each stick really. I use 12-20 grams per cup of butter, sometimes more.

Ahhh, I use a minimum of 1oz dried/decarbed trim for each lb of butter. Last batch I used 2lbs butter and 88 grams of trim. My trim is all sugar leaves and popcorn buds. I’m a finicky trimmer and if the bud isn’t dense it goes into the trim. I don’t collect fan leaves.