Any Bubble Baggers out there

I have a set of Bubble Bags and have been collecting and drying white widow trimmings (mostly leaf) and want to know the trimmings do indeed have THC to extract. I know bud and bud clippings work best after flowering but leaf clippings in Vegetative stage? If so how much material should I try? Leaf supply bountiful.

A lot! Pre-flowering plants will have much less developed trichomes and so you will need a whole lot more to get much out of it, and even when you do, although you may feel it might be good enough, don’t expect it to be anywhere near as potent as from flowers. Some people feel it is worth it, and some people don’t. It’s up to you and how much time/effort is worth it to you for the quality that would be produced.

Thanks MacGyver,
I mostly want to play start learning the technique and not waste. Being disabled gives methe time and need. How about Cannabutter? I also got a t liter slow cooker and thermocuples. So farI have 1/2 Lb. of the low content leaf. Whatdo you recomend? The edibles are a must because when I survive smoking is off the options. i won’t let it get there. end stage, my ass.
All help is much appreciated.


I’m not real familiar with making cannabutter, I have a friend of mine make it and she says you get high off the steam coming off the butter, lol, but all the edibles she makes with her cannabutter are awesome.

With the leaf, the ratio of chlorophyll filled vegetable matter to active constituents (THC, CBD, etc.) won’t be very high, separating the trichomes with lots of water is no big deal, but to have enough butter to cover huge amounts of vegetable matter will be kinda expensive, and then you will still get a lot of the chlorophyll in the butter that could impart an unpleasant taste.

With the refining process of bubble hash, you can even do it without using screens, just using the “let settle” after having done the normal ice and blending/stirring and removing the top bulk wet “post-stirred up leaf”, then let everything settle, then carefully skim the water to about an inch or so above the cloudy layer of trichomes that settled on the bottom, then pouring into a smaller container and washing any trichomes into the smaller container with pure water from the bigger container and then letting settle again. Each time you do this, you remove a lot of the chlorophyll with the water, then adding some fresh water and let settle again, you continue to separate the non-water soluble trichomes from the water soluble chlorophyl, the water will get more and more clear after a couple of times doing this, when there is no more green in the water, you could then skim the water off to just above the layer of trichomes and poor through a coffee filter or poor it in a wide plate or dish to let it dry out, or pour it through your screens to get a kind or separating of different grade trichomes.

With all leaf, one of the smaller middle, or next to last screens that is supposed to be the best quality grade might not be as good as one slightly larger screens that would normally be considered the 2nd best grade as you have likely none of the high potency small pin head shaped trichomes, that are mostly on the flowers, and only the larger flat types are the most common on most leaves. And the two smallest screens will be mostly broken up wide flat trichomes. Unbroken trichomes will be the most potent, but it’s easier for the flat ones to kinda break up than the pinhead ones

I’m assuming you know the general steps already for making bubble hash, so I really skimmed thorough or even maybe skipped a lot of important parts. As I already went into such detail about the other things related to making bubble hash with lower quality leaf and cuttings, and Jorge Cervantes of high times magazine has an excellent tutorial on you-tube, and there are tons of other great tutorials about this on youtube, even the screen-less “let settle” method, I’ll let you search there to watch those if you need to, and if you have more questions feel free to come back and ask.

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Quick, give me a pen and some paper. No pen or paper… Get me a stick

Hi MacGrver, one question prior to my YouTube search. Have you tried the dry ice refinery method and if so I would love to here your thoughts.

It works, it’s very messy, the dry trichomes go everywhere. Like working with dry keif.

Dry Ice is absolutely the best…
Check out my Post on Hash…

I’ve been making hash for some time now useing the bubble bag method. Like Lakewood said , it won’t be as potent, but why throw it out when you can still get something out of it.
I love the smell, taste and high of hash weather potent or not.

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Just made 4.56 gram chunk of Bubble hash and decarboxilated it at 240 F. for 50 minuted inside the press. Try telling me that is not quality.

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LMAO that is great, awesome Dam that’s good…lamo
Say where did you get that press if you don’t mind me asking.
And you were asking what on your stash of leaf s…lol

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Amazon of course®-Press-Small-3-5/dp/B008J26YLA .
Reviews said metal shavings are a problem. Found my first tiny one easy to pick off with tweezers. Using with care I see no problem. By the way. My second freezer is full. Defiantly going to wait for the cooler weather.

Right on and thank you. And . I’ll be right over…lol

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We can meet half way as long as no state lines are crossed.

Sounds like a plan to me…lol
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When we made the canabutter we used a lot of the bigger leaves, some trim and a few of the smaller buds. We made used 2 pounds of butter. It’s better to grind up the leaves and buds in a blender not to fine. We used a big crock pot.
Get the water hot put in butter stirring occasionally. Turn the crock pot to low, I think we let it cook for 6 hours. Remember to stir so you mix it up good. Then poured it threw cheese cloth. Wring out the cloth to get all the butter out. It is great to cook with.

Sorry my post was off topic some. But what I wanted to know is can you use the same bags for both types of hash, ice and water. And dry ice?

Yes, I did and I and i’ll stick with regular water and ice.
The dry ice was to much of a mess to work with.

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hi may i please ask? how long are frozen trimmings good for? this is my first ice water hash trial. i learned it is best to freeze the trimmings before processing. i thought of freezing trimmings at harvest. wait for it to snow, i live in new hampshire. use the snow instead of ice. will the frozen trimming be good for a few months? thanks. sorry if this off topic.

I’m no expert but common sense tells me that the pot is just another vegetable in the freezer.It should last as long as Squash , Okra etc…My guess would be a couple of years minimum.Actually I wouldn’t even comment but it looks like you have been waiting a long time for an answer…:>)

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