What Are Your Grow Plans For This New Year? 2023

What are your plans and what strains are you into for the coming year!~


I’m looking forward to growing my 3 sour cherry cheese auto seeds after my WW photos are done. I should be harvesting within the next few weeks


And happy new year!


Looking to hunt as many phenos as possible to have some amazing pairings for a 1st breeding project strains to hunt GMO,Grape Pie, Cheetah Piss, Oreoz, Octane Mint Sorbet x Greatfull Breath F3 those are the main ones to start lol how about yourself brotha?


All new for 2023, Runtz and Wedding cake to start the new year, and Purple Punch and Dos Si Do for the Spring run.

For my first toke of 2023, no, i didnt make to midnight last night, first official rip of the last Banana Kush harvested, un molested through her grow, hung and stored in a grove bag.

Let her rip!!@@@@

Good morning grommies!


Still as of yet undecided what’s up for my next grow lol. I still have some time to ponder on it while I finish these current plants.


Starting new! Got mango, Hollands hope, purple afghani, GDP, WW, runtz, and purple punch!

So stoked and can’t wait!


Ill be doing purple kush autos after my WW is done.
Will be done with new RDWC system and chiller in 4x4 with my new blackbird light.
Happy New Years

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I am about a month into a couple Afghan. When they are done I’ll turn my attention to tomatoes, peppers and getting flowers started. Will be taking the summer off.


Thanks to all that replied…Yes they all sound like winners to me… Makes me think on indoor growing a bit. Im outdoors and have to wait a few months yet still…But My seed bank is pretty good so Ill have to choose which strains Ill try this upcoming season. I have seeds from the last 3 to 4 grows so Ill stick with them maybe add one or two (I cant help myself :laughing:)
I have (I may have forgotten some) Bluberry ,Banana Kush, GSCE, Bruce Banner, Forbidden Runtz, Runtz XL,Bubba Kush,Afghan Kush,Trizkit,Larry Lemon (not tried yet) Magic Melon,Northern lights, Skittlez,and one photo Romulan…I may have forgotten one or two but I think thats it?


That Larry Lemon and Romulan sound tasty im also a sucker for blueberry terps haha some good choices thats for sure :+1:


After the 4 plants in the tent right now (2 GSC autos, 2 GDP photos), goal for 2023 is to grow 5 or 6 different varieties.

And continue to give the vast majority of the harvest away to friends and family.


@VirginiaGrowBoy Great library !! Some of those I`d like to have a go at!! And yes I cant smoke all that I have also. “Back-in-the -day” My brother and our friends would have been in hog heaven with all this smoke and the legal state I’m able to grow in…Granted Pops wouldn’t have let me even though its legal here…lol…Its okay pops…I understand now…I give lots to family and friends too! They love it! I love to oblige! I want to start learning how to make edibles (butter,gummies etc) I dunno I wanna give it a try…Im a badazz baker anyway…I might as well infuse some of this THC into my food!
Keep me posted on your grows.


I left out Banana Kush and Chocolate Kush…I knew I`d forget some…I think that’s it… :grin:

I have Planet of the Grapes (Ethos), Aloha Limone (Colorado Seed), 10th Planet (Ethos), Super Skunk (ILGM), Dead Ops OG (Zaza Genetics), and Bruce Banner. Separately I’m also doing tons of hybridized chilis and herbs.

I did a grow journal on the Runtz. Such a well-balanced, strong high. Really loved working with that plant, plus it yielded like crazy. Happy New Years!

Cat’s Runtz Grow Journal (featuring monster-cropping)


Will be germinating a “purple ghost candy” in a week or so. Cleaning tent up now. Trying another sayiva dominated strain. On paper it looks to be a very strong strain.

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@CatDadPower Impressive list also. I’m gonna check out your Runtz grow journal!!
@Audiofreak purple ghost candy sounds delicious!! Cant wait to see and hear more about it

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I just cut the Yeti Weddings and have some Pjack x Sunday driver clones to take their place. Also have one Runtz in the tent.

I need to go through my seed inventory and check the %sativa and %indica content. I also need to meet up with my two other local outdoor growers since I start them plants. One trades me hot pepper starts and the other shares product in the fall.

I have no idea what the fall line up will be but I know it will be another amazingly fun summer growing outside. Can’t wait for warm weather.

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Runtz and Wedding Cake have popped. We are underway in 2023.
The BK thc was at 27 when ordered, it was adjusted to list at 21%.

If you want smooth, mellow, a good stone that creeps up its so smooth, try Banana Kush grown with jacks, it has produced for others. Our rv smelled of fruit, very pleasant, the bud in the grove bag smells like yhe wifes banana bread sliced into.

Back to the 21, if thats true, mama and i have some hightimes ahead on our 4 new strains. Punch and Dos si do arrived Friday.

Its on.


Cuba libre and some wedding cheese cake. For the winter months in the east coast. Following with Godzilla cookies and super skunk and more and more and more. Got a nice selection to choose from.

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