2023 Outdoor strains

What’s everyone growing outdoors this year (2023)? Repeats, or new strains?


Super Skunk (repeat), Durban Poison, Critical Mass, Wedding Cake and two more yet to be determined.


“Hashplant” again, because free seeds from a friend, he has thousands. But not sure what hashplant really is or if it’s a proper name anymore. He calls it that. He also got either candy kush or bubba kush, I get em mixed up. He’s not so generous with them.
And if I have it my way some northern lights and bruce banner.


@Bigbud420 im thinking i might give godfather OG another try at my dads place. I know it wont get the love im used to giving my plants but he enjoys watching things grow (without having to care for them lol) so ill dedicate 1 of my 11 seeds leftover for that when it gets warm what are you growing this year?


Oh wow what a great subject​:star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:
What I have planned so far for 2023 Spring-
Humboldt seeds-
Pineapple Upside down cake
Strawberry Cheesecake
Cream Caramel
Blue Dream(Seedsman)
Strawberry Cough (Seedsman
Jack Herer (Seedsman)

I have some standbys also…

SL out.



I’ve grown Pineapple Upside Down Cake… excellent smoke!

Thinking of adding to this years grow; have about 6 seeds left.


yes six isnt enough. With all the space outdoors… will you choose what you like to smoke, familiar with, or rather something tailored to your climate (?such thing)


@TheShortAnswer Thank you! I got the seeds at a dispensary here in bay area ,California. I am excited to grow her. Last year i did Pineapple Chunk from Barneys-and I chopped her too early.

@Jaysittinback i had to downscale from the dirty dozen i grew last year. I have two others on standby,that i will probably plant,because sometimes you need 8 to get 6.
I had a bumper crop this year-so next season will be about pushing how much can i get with more lateral space,maybe more sun,etc.
This morning i was stirring the compost and already getting anxious :clap::clap::clap:

SL out.


I tried to get those on Black Friday. They literally disappeared from my shopping cart. I was browsing too long. Nice score.

Your outdoor plants are alway steal the show. I will be watching those.


@Slug_Life @Jaysittinback

I’m always looking for good genetics; growing in New England can be problematic. Healthy plants make all the difference. My 2023 rotation so far. Need to add one or two more strains…

Sleepy Joe - Anesia Seeds
Frozen Black Cherry - Anesia Seeds
Star Link - Rebel Grown
Royal Wedding - Emerald Mountain Seed Company


@TheShortAnswer What I love about this hobby-I’m always learning about new genetics or seedbanks. Your lineup looks yummy! :+1:

SL out.


agreed; four strains I never heard of … in one post.


I have 2 of my 3 strains picked out still trying to decide


This 2023 season will be
GSCX experiment plant
Monkey Slaps
Green Crack
Blue Alien
Strawberry Cough
Grateful Breath from Detroit
Also will be running some auto’s not sure which one’s yet.
And hope for the best, got to love the great outdoors.


@Bigbud420 careful-you could go down a rabbitthole of choices and almost miss the start date. Just speaking from experience!

@Dforce I see you! Good selections, as always :+1: Green Crack? Aw man , I was contemplating running that next season. Now you got me second guessing a slot in the lineup. Yeah ,I know I am lucky to grow outdoors.

SL out.


Godfather OG(first time outdoors)and GSCX .GSCX was a champion last year here in SC.But it was a very dry year.Had little to no bud rot.
Rain and humidity always show up at the worst possible time.From NY to SC it’s always the same issues.


2023 Outdoor Plan

Pending germination and M/F outcomes on non-feminized strains:

Apple Fritter

Cherries 2.1 (M/F)

Pussy Galore

Future #1


Killer A5 Haze

New England Hazy Kush

Serious Kush

Mountaintop Mint

Tropical Cherries (M/F)

Apparition (M/F)

Shugga Shugga (M/F)

Godfather OG (repeat)


We will see how we get down to 12 allowed. Last season was skunked on Shugga Shugga with 2 males, 2 Gluelato, 2 New England Hazy Kush and 1 Mountaintop Mint didn’t germinate.


@JBB Honor Blackman. Even her REAL name just makes me all warm and fuzzy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Best screen name besides Dr. Goodhead in Moonraker.

I see the Apple Fritter a lot more often now. I’ll be anxiously awaiting a smoke report.

Mountaintop? Aw man, gotta me thinking about Zeppelin :+1:

Shugga Shugga? I love it. “And you got me wanting you…”

Malawi-that makes me remember i have some Mandala seeds I need to get to…

Tropical Cherries-you are on FYAH! Makes me think about living in the tropics :shushing_face:

I hope you have a great grow!! :facepunch:

SL out.

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I’ve grown Fast N’ Glorious from Mandala (R) and have to say it’s a very nice smoke. On the list for potential 2023 list.

Others I have:

Pineapple Upside Down Cake (F) - Humboldt Seed Co
Humboldt Dream (F) - Humboldt Seed Co
Bad Azz (R) - Ripper Seeds (free pack)
Royal Mauiberry (R) - Emerald Mountain Seed Co (free pack)
Royal Kush (R) - Mandelbrot’s Family Heirlooms
Raphael (F) - Irie Genetics
Radiation Exposure (R) - Rebel Grown (free pack)
Blueberry (F) - 00 Seeds
Purple Sponge (R) - Mass Medical Strain (free pack)
Chick Magnet - (F) - Mass Medical Strain (has THCV)
Hibernate (R) - Green Point Seeds - (good for sleep)
Grease Monkey F2 (R) - Lawless Breed Genetics (free pack)
Columbian Landrace - ??? (Free Pack)


If we believe the breeders, THC levels for my choices:

Apple Fritter - 32% THC
Cherries 2.1 - 32% THC
Pussy Galore - ?% THC (gotta love the name) Alluring Babes by Brisco
Future #1 - 37% THC
Malawai - 29% THC
Killer A5 Haze - 30% THC
New England Hazy Kush - 35% THC
Serious Kush - 30% THC
Mountaintop Mint - 33% THC
Tropical Cherries - 32% THC
Apparition - 30% THC
Shugga Shugga - 40% THC
Godfather OG - 34% THC
Gluelato - 35% THC

Not that I’m going to test them, but the 2022 strains ran were much more potent than prior years. The Godfather OG hits hard and glad to have more of those seeds. Will keep you posted.