What are you watching…

We binge watch on Netflix and for cable shows
Just wondering if there’s a really good series you have watched and enjoyed

I could go on forever but I’ll just make one or two suggestions

Russian Dolls was really good and is short enough to fit into a night or two

If you like dark shows, Black Mirror is super dark but awesome if you’d like a modern day Twilight Zone type show

What do you have to suggest that was great

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I watched Twilight Zone: The Movie a few months ago. Good movie. I sit here and work 14 hours a day and TV watching just isn’t something I do. I don’t think I’ve even turned the TV on in a couple of weeks.

You are more likely to find me watching YT videos of interest.


Heck, why not
If there’s a you tube series you enjoy why not add that

I like watching my plants grow. Bing worthy!!


I was thinking how much I would love to watch that show just a few minutes ago