Viceland TV channel

Anyone get this channel? They have some great shows bong appetite is a cannabis infused cooking show which is one of my favorite shows. There are couple other shows that are pretty good as well.


Ohh man just wait, you have to watch “F***, that’s delicious”, and “Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson”. Trust me. Make sure you have a blunt rolled and bong ready nearby. I love to dab and watch them and smoke a blunt too, you’ll see why. “Weediquette” is also a great show!



I used to get it ,yes great channel.
This dude Krishna goes around and reports on both all sides of the topic, ie dealers,growers patients and the pigs,anyway :+1:
Weediquette that’s it
Ktrees beat me haha


I have caught " that is delicious " and love that one too.

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Dude check out bong appetite on vice
This channel is great :+1:


Watching right now got some recorded

Nice :+1:
Your going to get hungry lol

No doubt!!! It just amazes me how much cannabis products they have.

Yeah I know one thing that studio isn’t in NY
I love the fact Vice has the balls to put theses shows out there
It will help educate so many of the none believers
I made my mom watch weediquitte
Then one with the family that relocated to Colorado cause of there sick kid
She was against pot but at least she admits now there is a medical use
So if it can change her mind I’m sure it will change others she not a big fan of alcohol either lol


Haha vice ftw

Yeah, weediquet is a good one as well. That’s about the only thing I watch besides noisy


@ktreez420, can you edit the f word out of your very first post in this topic please and thanks @Smokin_ernie you as well post #4

@Majiktoker sorry about that it is the name of the show but I get it and sorry will not happen again.


It’s all good brother, at least it was the title of a show, instead of it just slipping out… huh
garrigan62 and Majiktoker lmao

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Thanks @Smokin_ernie @Hawkeye_diesel igbire that brainfart on bong hit lol, yea ive caught you a couple times

I meant, that it happens, huh?
Because I let one slip every now an then haha

Yea brainfart lol I edited my post above @Hawkeye_diesel

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Haha right :laughing:

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