What are the basics I need?

Again Im new to growing. I was wondering what are the basics I should have for feeding the plants and pest control. I have the yellow stick cards but I didn’t know if there was anything else.

Good lighting. Don’t even start without decent light.


I am just starting my very first grow. I got a ph meter and an EC meter as 2 of my very first items. I am in a rural area and have well water. PH of 7.2 out of the faucet and 90 ppm in my water, if I am reading these things right. That told me I should be able to use soil or coco and I chose coco and bought the Jacks 321 nutrients. Sprouts broke the soil 5 days ago, 2nd set of leaves leaves just starting. I have a bag of mosquito bits, some neem, jacks bug killer spray, H2O2, sticky traps. I fear the rabbit hole of products will be bottomless.


Lights ,fan I personally like the ac infinity inline fan an oscillating fan or two pick what nutrients ur gunna use and get something to water ur plants with like a pump feeder or old fashion water pail I use a 5 gal painters bucket it has up to 5 gal measured on the side in gal and liters and most importantly some clones or feminized seeds with GOOD GENETICS the rest is little things good luck …


For pest control I use azamax as a preventative then grow safe closer to flower when the plants are in flower I try to use nothing as far as feeding I use advanced nutrients