What are normal yields

Grow area is 5 x 8 feet with a 3 foot square addition on the end. Like an " L " shape. 3–600 watt hps cool tube lights, soil grow in 3 gal. Pots. Ocean forest soil with some coco coir added. Room stays in low 80’s, ventilation fan and air circ. Fan…ph around 6.5. of runoff. My yields are low I think, I’d say an average yield for me would be about 2 maybe 3 ounces…My buds are at max maybe 2 inch diameter. Not sure what my problem is. I have a mic., and only harvest when trichs are cloudy. It is great quality just seems low yield. I start my plants flowering at about 15 inches tall. The strain is Red Dragon. Any advice would be awesome folks. Thanks in advance…Jim

got any picts?? some times worth more than a thousand words

You might want to look into reading on LST training , topping , super cropping , main line manifolding cola tops , are by far the best way to double yield is to scrog . Have you read or downloaded the grow bible . But it’s lots of videos on YouTube that might give you some insight .

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You have a great room setup. You can use the small square addtion for a starting/veg room. the 5’x8’ space would be a great flower room. Awesome luck.

Growing in # gallon pots with Organic Soil will work great. Make sure not to place your seedlings in that soil until they have developed a strong root system. This is noticed by the fact that the seedlings has 4-5 alternating nodes of leaves.

I recommend you buy some 1 gallon pots to place seedlings in during veg cycle. Saves soil and builds stronger root system for Flower cycle. Trans plant to 3 gallon 1-2 weeks before inducing Flower photo period. Maybe take 2-3 cuttings after a month of veg, in order to root for a Mom, or 2nd harvest.

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Here are some questions/suggestions I have for your space. Hows your humidity? what kind of distance are you keeping your 600’s from your plants? with cool tubes you can get them pretty close 12-18" if it isn’t too hot do you have the option of adding HPS bulbs?
your temps high and low?
is your yield per plant foot light or entire room?
Are you doing any training? lst scrog topping or fimming?
I know so many questions but much like our support tickets the more info you share the more you get in response.

Believe Red Dragon is mostly sativa strain (ace seeds) so flower period will be long - but size of growing pots are to small for strain need at least 5 gallon but 10 gallon are best if one has room. - how long in flower now ?

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Sorry Steve just now figured out how to use this site I created a new topic it is called coverage for a 600 watt high pressure sodium check out my new question there and reply back please