What aphid or mite is this

Sorry I had another topic in this but wasn’t succinct. I know there is some bug now question is what.

I saw a couple small white critters scurry on the pot. Visible to the eye but too fast to get a pic of. I’ve read if they’re fast they might not be bad. It’s the slow moving ones that eat.

The plants have shown signs of overwatering or nute issues, I’ve been confident I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Next was root rot due to small pots I am in. Or, bugs!

Pulled one plant. Nothing visible. But once I scoped, there the bastard is. Munching away. Video was too big so couldn’t upload. But here is a pic.

It’s root aphids (I believe you can see these) or maybe broad mites.

I’ve yet to see anything scoped on the leaf as of yet. I’ll get more pics of the plant

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Not best lighting but what was once a healthy plant (lower leaves) not have this skinny droopy growth.

Looks like root aphids… :angry::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::frowning:


Looks hideous

But quite tasty :+1:

The insect ? You tasted them ? @stltimmy1979

Nobody else has any ideas.

Looks to small to be a fungus gnat(could be a baby) time to whip out the captain jacks

They seem to match this picture of what are being called soil mites no?

“Oribated mite”

Thanks gang, happy Friday.

Weighed pros/cons of chasing one issue after another on this run, and just cleared the tent. Whatever it was, I didn’t want them getting to the point them become airborne and start doing whatever they could do, outside the tent too.

Figured sourcing new beans and vegging puts me back 2 months. I didn’t feel the need to start dumping/spraying and hoping only to find out that the run was a wash, or just produced sub-par smoke.

As with last run, lessons learned. I am more versed on these bugs/critters, I know I will always use fabric pots at least as final resting home, and reinforcement of having good meters and always checking vitals. I was able to figure out this had nothing to do with over watering, nutrients levels, or ph. All were spot on as was the environment. So I pulled the plant and scoped the roots and here we are.

Final most important lesson, if you bring something into your grow quarantine it. The culprit is likely a cut that while I scoped the leaves, I didn’t look at the rock wool nor treat the cut in any matter. Or it came in from me working in outdoor garden. Or my pup, so actually who knows lol. But as they say cleanliness is next to godliness.

Might have been an over-reaction but I don’t have the time to constantly be troubleshooting, so onto the next run!


Sad, but better safe than sorry sometimes.

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