What additional stuff do I need to use a Nug Smasher?

I traded an extra HLG Scorpion Rspec for an XL nug smasher. What else do I need to purchase to get this going? I know bags at least but I need a list to get started!


Since I’m using cured flower, is it just a 90-micron bag and parchment paper?


All I have that I use is bag, parchment paper and containers for storage of products and tools to scrape and spoon with. A rosin mat is a plus too. Send pictures when you use your new toy and let me know what strain you use. Good luck

Thanks for the dab mat suggestion! I have a dab spoon. Do I need something else?

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Not really you should be set. You might put in a search on this site. There is a lot of information of successful presses with some mouth watering pictures. Good luck and keep us posted

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Skrrrttt. Lets back up for a sec…

Parchment Paper…

Dont cheap out. Youll get one press out of box store parchment papaer. I order mine on amazon. Super slick and i get about 5 reuses out of it.

Alot of folks use bags. I use coffee filters. I have alot of practice so blow outs are few and far between.

Temps… start out at 190°F

You want to preheat your material before you start pressing for 45 sec to a min…

Then slow press, pausing and watching for magic to happen…

Fresh bud ( dried with an rh of 60% post two weeks dried) will get cha best results.

The older the bud or drier the bud, your return will suck.


what specific parchment do you order?

all of my weed is maintained at 60ish% rh but most are seedy


I would also get the tool that looks like a scraper on one end. BUT, you flip it over and collect that way…


The tool on the right is what i collect with…


Thanks for the info on the parchment paper.