What about the smell?

Hi all, looking for some help from one of our customers:

I live in military housing & I’m concerned someone will smell the weed growing as its not legal for me, because bipolar disorder doesn’t allow you to get a medical license. Kid’s therapist constantly coming to the 2 story house. Would you commend me getting a tent & a carbon filter & fan to go in it or will my entire house smell like weed as soon as they walk in without them?

I would definitely advise getting a :tent: fan and filter. I have a tent in the basement and my first floor smells, if I don’t have the fan/,filter going. Considering the repercussions of someone finding out, it’s worth the investment.qS


If you can put a carbon filter in the tent - and then one on the end of the exhaust it really helps to remove the smell.

To be clear -
Filter :arrow_right: Fan :arrow_right: Filter


And pretty much no matter what you do consider that there is going to be times that no matter what you do your house is going to smell . My tent is 4x4 with a double carbon filter exhaust system .and I still have to stick towels under the door . Basements are usually perfect but being in a military home you probably don’t have access to one . But yeah at least when you harvest and trim your grow you can smell that stuff to the mail box . Sorry but that is what happened to me and I was trying to keep smell down . I would say probably about 95% of the time of your grow you can keep smell under control though OH SNAP just thought of this remember to not grow in the bedroom where you hang or store your clothes or hubby will go to work smelling like herb good luck


I also have a double carbon filter system but I know one way that will almost eliminate the smell is doing a tarp tent and then put your tent inside of there I’ve had zero smell in the house


If I were you I’d purchase an inline fan and filter with a little ducting. After you harvest use the same tent for drying and curing as at that time the smell is really strong and you’ll need the filter. You’ll never get away with doing this without the filter and fan. My grow room is 10X5 and I have two filters running in there. Once I harvest I’ll pull one of them and place it in the drying room. You can see I just hang a small length of ducting which vents in the room. Here’ s a picture of mine and good luck to you.


Thank you for the advice!

Any of you guys live in a townhouse? If so where do you have your filters exiting? I don’t want it to go into the yard so neighbors smell it and I don’t want the maintenance guys to smell it.

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If you have the filter on it doesn’t matter, it won’t smell,(the exhaust) @Nuggyunlimited

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The only air coming into my room from outside and then leaving the room to exit outside it is for the cooling of the lights. All charcoal filters do are filter the smell from the enclosed area. If you take air from the room you should have air coming in also as to why I exit my filtered exhaust into the room.