Well i had one of my new gummies i just made

Well guys with that tincture i made well i just made some gummies these are my second go at making these the first time i used infused coconut oil and they were good they relaxed you and u got a good night sleep well these new ones they are pretty strong i can barely see what im doing you cant taste the weed but man you sure can feel it WOW its been alot of years since my first edible .well these are the gummies

I am so comfortably numb


looks tasty

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What is your recipe

Yah they are mango flavour and strong too

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@Aussie_autos which part of the plant do I use to make gummies and do you have a good recipe

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How to make The BEST Cannabis infused Gummy bears - YouTube watch this .this is the recipe i used


They look good.

They are good @Deepsix

Seems like the process is very interesting :smiley:

@Aussie_autos I’m curious about their shelf-life. How long to they last? Do you keep them in the fridge, freeze them, or? I know if I made them, the wife wouldn’t be letting me eat them daily!

Ok if u use lecithin the shelf life is three months in the freezer and and on the shelf in a cupboard three weeks

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As for me, I prefer such edibles right now and I have also found these wyld cbd blackberry gummies near me on https://askgrowers.com/cbd/edibles/blackberry-cbd-gummies-wyld so I would like to hear your opinion and advice as well, have you ever tried to use them or not? Thanks in advance for any help here