My Gummies - I did the trial and error, you reap the rewards!

So I did my research, watched a dozen or so youtube videos on making canna gummies. Most of them have some things right, and some things wrong.

The goal is to end up with something that is close to the store gummies we all love, Albanese, Haribo, whatever.

My Ingredients

Starburst Jello. (This is a slightly larger box than regular jello, would recommend.) (If you use regular jello, add another pack of non flavored gelatin to this recipe to compensate.
4 packs of non flavored Gelatin.
1/2 cup of water
1/2 cup of infused of pure coconut oil (MCT)
1 tsp of citric acid (Because sour gummies are just better)
1/4 tsp of potassium sorbate (preservative/shelf stabilizer)
1 tbsp of light corn syrup (to make them actually gummy)
2 tsp of soy lecithin (emulsifier, we’re workin with oil here)
couple drops of extra candy flavoring (optional, don’t be cheap)

  1. Bloom your gelatin. Add your 1/2 cup of water to a dish with a bit of surface area. (I use a small tupperware dish). Dump/spread your 4 packets of gelatin over the water. There will not be enough water, there will be some powder left, this is ok. Let this sit for a couple of minutes, it doesnt take long.

  2. In a small sauce pan add your half cup of infused oil and two tsp of soy lecithin. This gets the oil ready to bind with the gelatin. Wisk it in, use a coated wisk if you have one.

-we have not turned the heat on yet-

  1. Add the bloomed gelatin to the oil in the pan. Set to low heat. LOW dammit!

  2. Add the pack of starburst jello.

-at this point you are thinking this is too much dry and not enough wet. You are wrong, keep going and STIRRING-

-After a couple minutes the gelatin will melt down and you start to believe-

  1. Add potassium sorbate -STILL STIRRING-

  2. Add citric acid -STILL STIRRING-

  3. Add corn syrup, still stirring

  4. Add the extra flavoring here if you’d like (you can get candy flavoring on amazon along with the rest of this stuff)

  5. After no less than 10 minutes of stirring from the point the mixture stopped being a dry mess and turned into a liquidish form, your ready to fill your molds. Hope you have molds out and ready :).

  6. Carefully dump the mixture in a squeeze bottle. Don’t use those goofy little droppers you get with some molds, they are pointless.

  7. Fill your molds and revel in your chef like stature, you are making your own awesome gummies, the dispensary doesn’t have anything this good.

  8. Wait about 25 minutes. Pop the gummies out of the mold and put them on a rack for drying. Don’t skip this. Let them dry out over night, or in the fridge. You think they are perfect the way they are, they can be a bit better and closer to what you get at the store if you just let them dry a tiny bit.

These will not separate if you followed the directions above and did not skip steps or ingredients. I wasted stuff so you don’t have to.

These will be shelf stable, you don’t have to refrigerate, should last months.

These don’t have that weird jello “pop” that really isn’t very gummy at all. These are GUMMIES!

Remember, the videos you see on you tube have things right and wrong. I figured out what they had right and combined it all. Good luck!


Hey that’s fantastic. Congratulations!
If you haven’t had a chance to check out @blackthumbbetty thread on edibles, I would highly recommend it for all your edible needs.
There’s a lot of info on here if your ever interested. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Very professional looking very nice


Outstanding effort on your part to share with this community your gummies journey. happy cooking :bat: :rofl:


Thanks @HappyHydroGrower @dirtydave @thecount13 !

I hope this helps folks, there is a lot of recipes and methods floating around, and they all produce some form of gummies but I found they were all missing one thing or another to actually get the outcome we want, but would get us a “result”.

I would make and eat these gummies even if they weren’t infused, they are tremendous. But these are infused, and now I am too :).


Also @Caligurl has a thread on cannabis concentrates nice looking little pot leaf gummies. I’m more for the sour flavors also on gummies. I would have covered them in some sour sugar also like sour patch kids lol.


The gummies look delicious.
I need to throw a wrinkle at you. Have you tried any vegetarian alternatives to gelatin. My wife is vegetarian and will not eat gelatin products because of the Collagen. I looked into some alternatives a while back but have not pursued it any further. Simply Delish has a plant based desert gel that I was thinking about trying.

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@Mark0427 - I’m working on that bit of food science. The challenge is that there is about a 5 minute window where the gummies are sticky enough to add the citric acid/sugar to the outside, but they are also somewhat vulnerable at that point where the citric acid might actually melt the gelatin and then you go from the bouncy dry gummies to something wet and gross. I think in the factories they let the gummies get a bit of a cure to develop a skin and then bring them back up to temp to make them tacky again and then tumble them in the citric acid and sugar. So have to emulate that with maybe a blow dryer or something.

@beardless I haven’t experimented with a gelatin substitute. The other side effect of so much gelatin is fun stoner farts. That was an unexpected discovery.


A most from a bottle won’t work to just damp them after dry and cover in sugar. Either way they look great

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These look so good. Lol. But i’d end up smoking; getting the munchies then eating all of the gummies. :rofl:


I am incredibly lazy and don’t eat much junk food, so I do simple, low sugar gummies.

1 box Starburst Sugar Free
1 packet knox
⅓ cup apple juice
1.5 grams cannabis concentrate
⅛ tsp citric acid

Makes 30-35 large gummies with about 40mg THC and 4g sugar.


Do you use Karo light syrup ? My 1st gummie bears did not kick butt . I have everything on the list but had read added the syrup helps. I have cocnut infused oil and rso oil we made. Can i add oil the make them more potent?


@spudeater65 Karo light is what I use. RSO has a hell of an acrid taste usually, and I like to hide that in chocolate and haven’t tried it in gummies. The dispensary has RSO oil these days and was thinking about trying that to make them super charged.

My thing with gummies is this though… I want to eat 2,3,4 or more of them. So if they are down around 7-15 mg those are perfect for me cause im eating a handful. When I make fudge on the other hand, I go with a full gram of RSO and we use that to treat my mothers pain from RA and a few other ailments.

Make sure you don’t skimp on the soy lecithin in your gummy recipe. It plays with the cannabinoids and makes them more effective.


Sorry, my bad. Only ¼ gram of sugar!

I never bother adding soy lecithin to anything I make. Soy lecithin does nothing to the cannabinoids. Soy lecithin is an emulsifier, which helps bind fats in the body. It helps some people process cannabinoids better.


Is there a way to decrease the cannibals odor and taste in the gummies.
Like the ones we get from the dispensary?


I use infused MCT oil as my concentrate, and the taste varies a bit by what cannabis I use for infusion, but it’s never overly strong. I don’t know how to make the RSO oil (not typical RSO) that the dispensaries make but if I did that is what I would use to keep it tasty.

Hi, im new , im gonna try your recipe :yum:, how many does this make, trying to figure out the dosing… i have 3 molds = total 102 gummies

@Caligurl im gonna try this recipe, from your experience making these all the time, can you tell by the ingredients how many gummies it will make? I have these

Thank you for your help again :pray:


I gave it a shot, heres my 1st try at gummies with your recipe, made 68 gummies ( only thing i changed was amount of infused oil, my oil was made with 18 grams of shake and keif) so after calculating online, i did 10 tsp which equalled 11.03 mg per gummie. Thank you very much for the detailed recipe :grinning: you made it very easy to understand and follow.

Cant wait to try them. (Oh & its from gorilla glue strain trim,bud,kief)


What re open did you use? When I first did it, I just had to make a batch to see how many it made. I made the first batch with no thc so I would know exactly how to dose it!

Congratulations on your first batch!!!

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