Well flusched or what the call?

Like this forum yeep,Bigtime…

Many people talk about the white ash and the joint being extinguished by poor cleaning of the medium in the pot. What does this look like? Does it need more or does it look ok and the stick didn’t go off when they rolled one, so at that point it’s ok.

Check white enough?

Ash color has more to do with burn rate and temperature. The charcoal I cook with turns pure white too after its burned for so long. Now that marijuana has become legal, lots of studies are being done on flushing, lighting, nutrient blends.

As for you joint staying lit. Could be too damp, or rolled to tight as well.

No problems whid the rolled.
Ok so no looking on ash then.


Boy do we have a lot of time on our hands! LOL

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Feal so better now Audiofreak