Welcome to the jungle. First grow journal

Here will be a journal for my first real attempt at an indoor grow. I have had a few closet grows but the results were nothing to write home about. Now, many years later, I’m able to actually put in real effort to obtain (hopefully) decent results.

This post is a brief (haha, tldr just below) introduction to my rough plan and setup. Next post will be an update on what I’ve done since seeds have sprouted within the past 3 days. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some pictures as well.


48x48x80 tent

1 hlg 260xl (will flower with 2)

2 auto flower Gorilla Glue from ILGM

2 photo period Green Crack from other bank

Happy frog perlite mix

6inch ac infinity exhaust and filter (yet to purchase)

Jacks 321 nute mix (yet to purchase)

Various environmental devices (fans, heaters etc)

My wife and i smoke regularly and probably go through 2 to 3 oz per month depending on quality or availability. I hope to at least start subsidising with my own crops. Eventually I would like to dedicate more space and keep a few clone mothers of different favored strains. To start though I would like to get a harvest or two down before really diving deep.

Grow space is a 4x4x80 tent in an upstairs room. In northern Michigan so weather is starting to get cold. I have 1 hlg 260xl kit inside. I will purchase another 260xl closer to flower.

Medium is happy frog and perlite which i plan to use throughout. Going with two different strains; 2 auto flower Gorilla Glue and 2 photo period Green Crack. Not sure on how well mixing the two together will do. It was mostly to experiment with each as well as an attempt to provide variety for the wife lol.

Also used two seed banks. GG from ILGM and the GC from a California based seed bank. ILGM seeds arrived very fast; the others took about twice as long.

I have cheap ph and ec meters. Definitely high priority on the upgrade list as these seem hardly durable or reliable. I plan to use jacks 321 but have not yet ordered any. I have a small bottle of myco as well as cal mag for when the time comes.

I have neem oil for pest prevention as well as hanging sticky traps. Ordered mosquito bits and diatomaceous earth today since i have found a couple bugs.

Right now I have a small stock of distilled water and can fill 8 gal containers at the store for a couple bucks. Not against using the city water tap but i wasn’t sure if that was advisable. I have ph up and down and some ph 7 solution to check accuracy (currently off btw but will calibrate and confirm).

I don’t have an exhaust fan or filter yet but plan on a 6" AC infinity with filter in the next few weeks. I have various warm/cool humidifiers. Also portable ac/dehumidifier but probably won’t need that for months. A few small electric heaters for heat or aquarium heaters i could utilize if possible. Fans I can source in various shapes or sizes as needed.

That’s it for now; thank you if you made it all the way through. I promise all posts won’t be that way lol. Any input is welcome. As i said above i do have sprouts already. They have broken ground over the last 3 days. My next post will be a recap on what I’ve done and hopefully manage a couple pictures.

Take care everyone!


Looks like your ready to roll! welcome and good luck with your grow

Thank you! I sure hope so. With the time in research and start up costs the wife is expecting results lol