Weird leaf discoloration I have never seen

I’m having leaf discoloration/burns th at I have never seen. Is it environment or Nutrients. I used new soul this grow and a new light. I could use some help and idea to correct. Thanks!

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That looks like light burn or wind burn.sorry forget what i just said if ur talking about the light green edges and dark green middle you need some magnesium

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Hit them with some calmag, but it looks like you have intense heat issues going on.


My tent averages less than 82f so I’m assuming the issue is the mag although my nutrients have cal mag in it. Question: could it be that my soil is hotter than I think and using the same amount of nutrients is causing the issue. My last grow with the same nutrients went really well.

Do you check your ph/PPMs going in and coming out in the runoff?


I drop my temp and humidity probe down where the top leaves are on the canopy to get a better check in egat the plant is seeing near the lights.

What’s your probe location?

What’s the DLI/PPFD at the top of the canopy? Add a 1/2 teaspoon of epson salt to your feeding routine for the mag deficiency and like @Graysin mentioned on the PHand PPMS on the run off. A crap shoot with not knowing :love_you_gesture:

Right on top of the canopy.

6.8 ph, I have not checked ppm….I’ll do that this weekend….my bet is it will be high. I really thinking I overfed with the new soil. I think the soil is hotter than I thought. I’ll let you know on the ppm

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That’ll help us steer ya the right way. :100:

I myself am having some strange leaf issues myself.