Unsure of wht this is. I am thinking it is either calmag deficency or light burn

I have never seen this happen before so i am kind of stumped. It appears only on this single leaf so far. I have yet to drop some calmag at any point of feeding. This appeared in the last 8 hours as it wasn’t there when I went to bed. Anyone chime in on if this is a nutrient thing or the little guy got to close to the light.

Pictures please, natural light, and whole plant :slight_smile:

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Here they are lol. Note to self stop smoking bowls when posting.

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Doesn’t look like anything to worry about. At first I wanted to say calcium overload, however looking at the entire plant, and looks like just one leaf, I would say nute burn on the leaf. If you want a more definitive answer, we can get you to fill out a support ticket. Let me know

I will keep an eye on it. Tomorrow is feeding day so I will make sure what ph is going in as Im mixing each plant individually and think I may have messed up order on that one last feed for this plant. Micro should always be first and I think I may have added the nutes in wrong order. Thanks again.

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Looks great overall.

Moved light up and it seems to have helped. The light just ws waymore powerful than the kingled was on veg.