Weekly kudos and progress questions

Happy Thursday y’all. :slight_smile:

Thanks as usual to everyone who gives me their $0.02 when I probably could’ve used the search function.

My girl is doing wonderfully, even after a pretty (unintentionally) rough super cropping 48h ago. Grew 4" since the second dose of nutes on Monday (skipped calmag since I did it last week). She’s really seeming to enjoy the bump in humidity and reduction in heat after I installed a cool mist humidifier and the Infinity fan system. Amazing what’s happens when you take good care of things. :grin:

I’ve started using the Grow With Jane app to track all the things. It looks like I’m at 55 days since germ and 4 weeks into veg and she’s 30" tall and getting pretty bushy. I see thru the grow diaries of other that veg time for GG4 photos is around 8 weeks. First, what are your opinions on starting to increase her feedings by a small amount? It’s my first so I’d rather err on the side of caution to avoid nute burn since she’s already been thru so much. Also, I saw at my grow store that they have a product called FishSh!t. So…I actually have fish sh!t for free when I empty our tanks for cleaning. Wondering if I should give her some of that on a nute free watering day?

And finally my question is are these pre-flowering signs? The little whisps at the nodes?


Looking nice! For adding nutrients what medium are you using and brand of nutrients planned? The pre-flower you mentioned is new growth. Growing photo period plants means you control when the flowering is initiated by changing the light schedule from 18/6 veg to 12/12 flower and will start noticing signs of pre-flower about 7-10 days after the flip. Do you have a PH and TDS pen for measuring nutrient solution and run off?

And just for further reference I’m keeping my humidity at about 60-65% and temps 70-74


Do you have an overall plant pic and plan on HST/LST?

I’m growing in fox farms happy frog and doing weekly feedings of pH perfect micro bloom and grow three part system. My pH for feeds has been 6.5 and 6.7 with a meter I got. I’m just now waiting for the PPM meter to come with the Amazon guy.

Any advice on how tall a plant should be before flipping it or is it just left to the average number of weeks for the strain?

So not totally sure the difference in HST versus LST but I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing both. The LST I haven’t done much of since I wasn’t sure how to do it now that she’s filled out most of her pot but I was thinking maybe grabbing a net. As far as hst, I’ve been doing what I learned on the Kyle kushman chiropractic video every other day or so. Like I said the super cropping I did actually snapped off to branches both half the size of a pencil with. A few others were nearly that bad but I supported them with surrounding fan leaves and they actually have already grown cankers.

I’ve forgotten to mention that I have also been religiously turning her a half turn when I check on her during her lights on period to help the asymmetry caused before I staked her. It’s very much bushed out on that side.


To clarify about my nutrient line… It’s Advanced Nutrients micro bloom grow.

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With the FF happy frog you’re in the safe zone to start a nutrient regiment. HST involves techniques like topping, fimming, super cropping etc… LST is a non evasive training technique that doesn’t require cutting/clipping any branches ect. Cannabis will grow like a Christmas tree with a single tall main stalk. Topping will stop the apical growth and split that single main into 2 mains. LST is beneficial in exposing those hidden bud sites by spreading the sides out and punning/tieing them down. Reduces immature and larf buds and increase in overall harvest yields. For vegging a photo period plant, there is no specific time frame. Most use a scrog net about 8” or so above the plant and as the branches grow through the net you weave them into empty squares creating a nice flat canopy for even light distribution and to help with air circulation…2 biggies! When your happy with the way you’ve filled the net out, you flip the switch to 12/12. They’ll double in size during the flip @MadamCalamity has one of the best Scrog/canopies I’ve seen :love_you_gesture:


Thank you so much for all the great info. I did a little bit more LST and super cropping after what you said. It was a really beautiful day so I sprayed her with some Neem and let her outside for some midmorning sunshine for the last two hours of her lights on period. Today, is just wow. Every branch is straight up and the new growth has grown out some already.

I gave nutes yesterday and added a dose of calmag since I figured she would need it to repair from all the tying and bending. I decided against using the fish water I had yesterday because it was reading pH 7.2 but I couldn’t get my pH tester to calibrate with the testing solutions first. Just opted for distilled water with nutes until I can get customer service to send me another tester.

I think I’ll run to the hydroponics store today and grab a net since I’ll be getting a baby Jet Fuel on Monday and should probably start learning how to use one.

Thanks again and Happy Friday! :+1:


That’s great news and well done. Super cropping is used more to create an even canopy for light and air when you have those branches that grow faster and taller than the others mainly in the absence of a net where weaving those horizontal would help with keeping everything even or if your light height is maxed out and the plants are too close :love_you_gesture:


Hi there. I can’t tell if your plant is sitting on a riser or not. Your plant shouldn’t sit in the runoff.


I recently put it on a saucer that had the tabs that lift it off the bottom. I was worried about harboring insects so I dumped out the runoff and dried the bottom. I think I have little gnats of some sort now. :roll_eyes: JUST got over mites…

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if you could get it up on a grate of some kind, oven rack, then u can test the ppm . Jack’s dead bug works for pests. Spray once a day for a few days. Good luck

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If you take outside and bring back in, maybe you are bringing the pests in. Just my .02 cents

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Pretty sure that’s what happened. I even lightly sprayed with Neem but they obviously weren’t deterred. Just got some Jack’s last week so I’ll start that today. Thank you for your help

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