Week5 and I have questions

It’s week 5 for front 2 and week for for back one. White widow strain. With mars 3000 led. I’m using general hydroponic (brown,green,pink) . With hp pro mix.
Question 1 I just fertilized with the 10,5,15 last week and going to start just using water. Should I be using cal mag when I water and if yes is there a suggested mixture.
#2. Are the leaves showing nutrient lock or is that the cal mag issue I read about? Temp day time 83 night 70 humidity 35 day 55 night

#3 is there an easier nutrient I can use? My set up is only 4 plants and I mix a gallon at a time
If there are something you see I could do or use I’m always open for suggestions😃

Thanks and have an easy day

You are far enough along I would not bother with cal mag. You are showing deficiencies, mainly N, which won’t improve.

Is there a better nutrient line than GH? I’d recommend Jack’s using their 3-2-1 formula. There are a bunch of threads on here using it. Promix HP is my preferred medium.


Thanks I’ll check into jacks

I recommend goin organic next grow get ur self so hp pro mix and so worm castings and bat guano and superworm frass and volcanic rock dust fertilizer make ur own super soil cause then u just need to water for a month or two then you top dress with super worm frass and worm castings

There are many ways to grow cannabis and you need to find what is best for your available time and $$. Use the search function and see if you can find other growers using your type of soil and/or nutrients. Ask them questions. @Myfriendis410 has given you great advice.

Everyone here is friendly and helpful. As a community we want to see you succeed!

I personally have changed my approach each grow. I am excited to try Earth Dust with my living soil this next grow. You only learn by trying.

I’ll second the jacks321, I’m in my 3rd grow with it now and love it. Inexpensive,easy to use( same mix for entire grow) and effective

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