New Growth Black

We are having a problem with new growth on White Widow x AK47. Growing outdoors, no coldframe greenhouse this year. In the past 2 weeks, we have used 1 dose Superthrive, 1 dose 16-0-0 Growers Secret. We also used a Sevin solution as we had bugs, though I don’t know what kind, that was a week ago. We thought maybe we had a Boron deficiency, so a couple days ago added Azomite with Trace Minerals once.

I hope these pics come through. I had to move them from another device and had some problems.
The only thing different from previous years is growing without cover, and a much hotter and dryer summer.
This is my first topic, so I hope someone has seen this before. Thanks so much!

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@Donaldj, this might be up your alley. @Niala, are you around? I’ll be interested to see…

Is this in the ground or in pots? What soil, what feeding regimen etc will all be good data. I suspect you have a deficiency turning your leaves and the stems of the leaves (petioles) purple. Cal mag may be called for.

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They are in the ground, and we incorporate composed cow and donkey manure into the soil in the fall before we plant. We thought it might be trace mineral deficiency, which is why we used Azomite, but I don’t know how soon it would work.
Thank you so, so much. We haven’t really tested the soil before planting, as our past seasons have been fantastic, but I’m thinking we better do so.
We can certainly try Cal mag.and see if it helps. Any idea how long this would take to make a difference? The problem just showed up in the past two weeks.

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That I don’t know. They should recover but make sure your soil PH is between 6.3 and 6.8. A decent digital PH meter is like $50 and is a useful tool to have around cannabis.

Different strains demand different things at different rates and times. They may just need a boost.

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Thats just a crazy looking plant how the tips are green it’s really just the base of the leaves and stem

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Actually since they are starting to flower may simply be a pheno coming out fall is coming some strains will have dark colors


Yes, we have a few like that, .but not all of them…

Color changes to stems and leaves is not uncommon. Doesn’t look like there is a problem.