Week2. Going on 3

Is this normal or yellowing white widow nd blueberry auto flowers also I ordered the fertilizer pack from ilgm
Also seedlings ate in fox farm soil and cure 1000w light on 12/12 but I also have 600w grow light but not using it


It is common. They are growing so no worries at this time.


Seedlings should definitely have much more light. Do yourself a favor and crank them up to at least 18/6. Autos at this point could even deal with 20/4.

Dont worry about 12/12 until you’re going into flower, although again autos technically can run 18/6 seed to harvest

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Ok. Will try thanxxx

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Thank u

The lighter color center is rapid growth. As your plant matures, you’ll see the tops do the same. As that section matures, it will turn the darker green like the rest.
Happy growing :seedling:


WHAT kind of lights & brand?

My bad it’s a300w bloom grow light is what I also have along with the 1000w

I have a VIVOSUN1000 draws 100 watts. The Vipar Spectra R900 and 600, and some 50’s drawing a total 1000metered watts. Advertisers advertise, Buyers Buy. The watt meter and the PPFD map tell me the truth. My lights were purchased years ago and then I bought the china cheapies. Learning, some days faster than others. Just bought these, for the lung room lights.

Strong possibility the clones LOVE it as a nite light or wife needs lights to do laundry.
Win-Win, 2-fer.

When you can, id highly recommend investing in another light.

I purchased an amazon blurple too my first grow. Switched out to a Spider Farmer SF2000 which worked great.

This grow i upgraded to an HLG 350r, but that’s like 600 bucks.

Baby steps :grin:


I started with three blurple lights with a 103 W draw. Got me through a two indoor grows I have upgraded!

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I’ve got three(3) 100W input Vivosun VS1000s and am very pleased.

Got them in a 3x3 tent

Mine were in a 2x4. I gifted them.

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Hey Ms Granny Bunny :rabbit::two_hearts:

@anon1893985 Hey Coon!

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How’s my favorite Granny doin… :heart_eyes::muscle::100:

Nice and healthy :love_you_gesture:

:point_up_2: little plant in a big pot, I would leave the dome on for 12-14 days removing occasionally and water around the red ring to promote root growth and then spreading out :love_you_gesture:


Great advice my brother… do exactly what He said…


Update seems I was worrying to much cause boom rapid growth